Discipline In Schools Needs To Be Improved

The amount of poor behavior in certain schools is still quite a lot we need to put in an effort

Has Martin Luther King’s dream come true?

Many parts of Martin Luther King’s dream have come true, or much closer to fruition. The dream of ending

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child? Strict Parenting Works Best

Should parents be super strict? Guiding their child towards high academic achievement, only allowing certain pastimes that are beneficial, which

Does it matter where you go to university or college?

It certainly seems like it matters where you go to university. There is great competition for top universities around the

Is accessing your spouse’s email account hacking?

Leon Walker from Michigan has been charged with hacking having accessed his wife’s email account. Not surprisingly accessing email,

Commercialization of Festivals and Holidays Has Eroded Their Real Significance

We have it on good authority that the commercialization of festivals and holidays – and objection to the commercialization of festivals

Has the Use of Mobile Phones Lowered Active Social Life and Has Become an Addiction?

No introduction at present. Why not write one? All the Yes points: Teens have used camera phones to send their
Use and Misuse of Internet

Use and Misuse of Internet

I am talking about use and misuse/abuse of the internet. These days most persons are misusing the internet instead

Is immortality unethical?

Immortality, living forever, has always been an ambition and goal for humans. And at least in so far as beating

physical fitness is better than mental fitness

The age old argument that health trumps wealth or is wealth is given new life with this debate motion. Healthy,

Does slang prevent young people from being able to communicate properly?

What is slang? A colloquial perversion of a language suited to common usage by different groups of people using the

Children Should Have The Right To Vote In Elections

We say that we have universal suffrage, and barriers based on wealth, colour and gender have all been torn down.

Plea-Bargaining: Abolition of

Should ‘plea bargaining,’ by which people plead guilty to lesser offences in order to get lesser sentences, continue? All the

Children: To Have Or Not To Have

Should you never have children? All the Yes points: Being childfree is a lifestyle choice – and a logical one. The

Trade vs Aid

Should the developed world focus on enabling trade or donating aid as a way to help the developing world? All

Colonialism: Compensation for

Should former colonial powers pay reparations to former colonies for their past activities? All the Yes points: Colonial-era activity was

Languages, Preservation of

Should governments take steps to keep their threatened languages alive? All the Yes points: There is a value to language

Multilateralism vs Unilateralism

Should states act (impose sanctions, declare war) unilaterally, or should they try to get international support for their actions? All

Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified

Do you think there are situations when terrorism can be justified. All the Yes points: In extreme cases, in which

Rehabilitation vs Retribution

Should the criminal justice system focus more on rehabilitation than retribution? All the Yes points: Which is a better general

Hosting Olympic Games Is Worth It

Is it worth hosting the Olympic games? All the Yes points: Hosting stimulates regeneration. The IOC is enthusiastic about bids

Vietnam War

Should the USA have become involved in conflict in Vietnam? All the Yes points: The Domino Theory, initially propounded by


Is nationalism always a force for bad, or can it sometimes bring benefits? All the Yes points: Nationalism empowers political

Factory Farming Should Be Banned

Should ‘factory farming’ be banned? All the Yes points: Factory farming is very cruel. Confinement to the point at which

Sports – Equal Prize Money for Men and Women

Should Wimbledon and other sports competitions offer equal prize money for men and women? All the Yes points: It is

School-Leaving Age Should Be Raised

Should everyone be forced to stay at school until they are 18? All the Yes points: More education provides the opportunity

Religious Leaders in Politics

Should religious ministers be allowed to hold political office? All the Yes points: Religious clerics could be subject to the

Water Privatisation

Should water be treated as an economic good and managed accordingly? All the Yes points: Water is a resource subject

Age Discrimination

Should age discrimination be made illegal in the workplace? All the Yes points: The elderly may be just as capable

Child Performers Should Be Banned

Should children be allowed to work in the performing arts or professional sports? All the Yes points: If children are
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