UN Security Council Should Be Expanded

Should the UN Security Council be expanded? All the Yes points: The current Security Council doesn’t reflect the economic

Boarding Schools Are Beneficial To Children

Is boarding school beneficial to children? All the Yes points: Boarding schools allow children a safe space in which to

Working Mothers Should Stay At Home

Should mothers stay at home to raise their children? All the Yes points: As early childhood is the most formative

Police Should Be Armed

Should a police force be routinely armed? All the Yes points: Routinely arming the police is an effective deterrent to

Shopping Centres, Out of Town

Are out of town shopping malls and hypermarkets a positive development? All the Yes points: Out of town malls offer

Progressive Tax Rate

Should the tax rate be progressive? All the Yes points: It is fair that people who earn more income should

Is History as a Subject in School Needed?

Can there be a much more useless subject than history, everything that you learn about has already happened and is

Developed Countries Should Accept More Refugees

The world is awash with people forced to leave their homes and flee for their lives as a result of

States ought not possess nuclear weapons

The issue of nuclear proliferation has become one of today’s most pressing issues, as countries such as Iran and
Should Buying Beer Online Be Illegal?

Should Buying Beer Online Be Illegal?

Everyone knows beer, but not everyone loves this beverage. Most people know about how beer used to be illegal and

Boys should go to boys only schools

Eton-college/Andover is by far the most preferred institution for boys all over Britain/the-world/The-U.S. Perhaps, because it

Spend or save?

Consumers are caught in a difficult situation. Many still have large debts that they want to clear or have less

One nation under god, leave it in or take it out?

The American Pledge of Allegiance has been embroiled in controversy ever since the phrase “under God” was added by Congress

Children should do part time and summer work

Today jobs for children seem to be restricted to doing the paper round a couple of days a week. However

Summer Holidays Should Be Shortened

The Government’s poverty adviser has suggested that summer holidays for schools should be shortened, instead having four or five

Minors Should Be Able to Obtain Abortions Without Parental Consent

“I am mature enough to know that I am too immature to have a baby.” Minor’s statement to her

Patents on life-saving drugs should be bypassed

Ring-fencing medical knowledge is one of the great grotesqueries of our age (Johann Hari). We live in a world where

Should we still be concerned about the ozone layer?

In 1985 Scientists who were a part of the British Antarctic Survey published results showing that there was a hole in

Truman was right to drop the atom bomb

One of the most controversial issues of the twentieth century is the decision by President Truman to use the atomic

Privacy Online is Important

The internet presents a great platform where people from all over the world can share and get information. By this

Foreign workers should be given the right to vote in local elections where they work

“Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite — motto of the French Revolution This debate is about the importance of recognizing in our social structures

Water Resources, a Commodity

Should water be treated as a commodity that can be priced as an economic resource and traded across international boundaries?

Voter Identification Laws

Are voter identification laws justified by the need to combat voting fraud in order to uphold democracy? Or are such

Religion, Source of Conflict or of Peace?

Is religion largely a force for peace in the world, or does it often cause war and conflict? All the

Rebuilding after disasters, Government Role in

What role should the federal government have in rebuilding after disasters? Does its intervention do more harm than good, or
Privacy and Freedom Is More Important Than Security

Privacy and Freedom Is More Important Than Security

In the 21st century we are all online. That means all of our personal information is online as well. Even

Experience Is the Key Success for Entrepreneurship

No introduction at present. Why not write one? All the Yes points: We don’t learn everything in School and
Home Schooling Should Be Banned

Home Schooling Should Be Banned

The practice of homeschooling has essentially been around since the dawn of time. Parents and guardians have always took it

Unemployment benefit should be paid in the form of vouchers for food, shelter and the basics of life

Being unemployed is a situation none of us would like wind up in and when we find ourselves in it

Music that glorifies violence against women should be banned

Violence against women is one of the most widespread human rights abuses affecting the world today. Every day, thousands of
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