With declining participation in elections, is it time to introduce compulsory voting in the UK to boost numbers in democracy's most fundamental aspect?

Why should professional politicians be any better at being a minister than anyone else? What extra skills do they have that means they will be successful at running the country? Celebrities are successful in their own fields, they have often taken a hold of their life and made a success out of unpro

Internet users who persistently swap copyrighted material on the web will have their connections slowed down or even stopped by their internet service providers, (ISPs) Lord Mandelson has announced.
The decision is an unexpected one after the government decided in June to let communications

The Human Rights Act 1998 ('HRA') implements the European Convention of Human Rights into domestic UK legislation. As a public body, the courts are required to apply the Human Rights Act. At the same time the courts are to follow the Civil Procedure Rules ('CPR'). Article 6 of the HRA states that ev

Bottled water is less healthy than tap water and plastic bottles are having a huge impact on the environment. It is time we stopped drinking bottled water.

Over the past fifty years Africa has received approximately £1 trillion of aid from western countries, yet its dismal economic state remains. It seems inexplicable how such vast quantities of capital have contributed to no avail, surely this cannot be true. Nevertheless, the recent publishing of

The debate over video technology within football has raged for years, with FIFA still obstinately refusing to even trial it even though many other sports having welcomed more advanced systems to make certain that big decisions are called correctly. Surely Sepp Blatter's refusal to modernise detracts

Mathematics is an increasingly unpopular subject at school because of its lack of relevance to everyday life the sudden increase in difficulty at GCSE level and its association with being a 'nerd'. One proposed solution is to no longer make the subject compulsory at GCSE level and instead include ma

Communism has lost the conflict of ideologies. All that remains is capitalism, and a failing capitalism at that. While the world is in recession the investment banks take advantage to continue paying immense bonuses despite having been bailed out only a few months earlier. When the pay of workers is

Can an ever increasing human population support the agricultural status quo and continue to dedicate massive resources toward the support of farm animals without significantly destroying what is left of the world’s wildlands? Also are the ethical arguments concerning global food distribution and a

Most of the developed world is in the middle of a deep recession and so getting a job is tough for everyone, particularly graduates just joining the jobs market. They often have sky high ideas of how much they want to earn or with to do something they want to do or will enjoy rather than just taking

Should laws be passed to limit gun ownership further?

Barak Obama has over the last year been moving on reducing nuclear weapons. He has signed a new arms control agreement with Russia. Held an immense nuclear security summit that came out with reducing the amount of nuclear material in countries like Ukraine. On the other hand not everything Obama has

Should human cloning be banned ? Should reproductive human cloning always be prohibited?