Love it or hate it, reality TV is inescapable. Big Brother started as a social experiment, but has deteriorated ever since. Now a British TV station has launched "Unbreakable" a show which submits its participants to such things as waterboarding. So has reality TV finally gone too far?

Immortality, living forever, has always been an ambition and goal for humans. And at least in so far as beating aging is concerned it is coming closer to reality as we cure diseases and we may eventually find a way to stop or turn back aging. If this happens would it be right for us to go ahead and

According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the United States is the "only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not ensure that all citizens have coverage" ( Obama has pledged to reform the healthcare service by increasing coverage a

The British government, through their actions have caused the deaths of more than a million civilians, during the "Irish Potato Famine", and other atrocities as well. Similar actions were taken in other countries throughout the world.

British empire was built on corpses of millions o

Ultimately one of the greatest sources of economic and social inequality in modern society is money passed from parents to children. I would therefore suggest that the state confiscates (or taxes if you prefer the term) all the money passed on by anybody born in the UK when they die.

It is the motion that socialism is a failed government subdivide due to fact that it solely relies upon shared revenue from the government and could be called downright totalitarian.

UFC is a brutal exhibition of machismo with no place in the modern world. It’s gory, and bloodthirsty and no better than watching a car wreck as it happens. It brings out the worst in its audience and should be banned for encouraging violence.

Stifling student exploration and free speech, or protecting our children...where do you stand on the use of content filter software in our schools?

The Geneva Conventions of 1949 collectively form international humanitarian law, a series of conventions and protocols that regulate armed conflict. The Geneva Conventions specifically detail a number of protections which states must extend to enemy combatants from the opposing country captured duri

Has the global spread of the internet aided democratisation, increased freedom and reduced human rights abuses, or is it at best ineffective and at worst a weapon in the hands of repressive governments?

Professor Sir Michael Rawlings, head of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence accused drug companies of charging too much for their drugs. The drug companies say they have to cover the cost of getting a drug to market. So who's right?

The claim that housewives staying at home spending more time around their children are better, much-more-responsible/effective mothers than their career-mom counterparts.
But time: quantity equal quality?

Research on the subject is inconclusive, sometimes lauding the children

Team Colombia firstly said the criminal in question should be given psychological treatment while he is kept imprisoned. What they fail the understand is that psychological treatment is only given to somebody who is clinically proven to be a lunatic. However, there is no guarantee that all terrorist

In the spring of 1519, a small armed force of Spaniards led by the pious Hernan Cortes landed on the Vera Cruz coastline of Mexico. By mid August 1521, Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Mexican empire had fallen. This dramatic milestone marked the beginning of one the world's greatest holocausts. How

The latest scandal that implicates the pope as having had a role in covering up child abuse is just the latest in a long line of abuses. Much of the problem lies both in the Church’s hard line positions and its centralisation of control. The Catholic Church was not always the centralised controlli