Should baby ear piercing be banned?

The only reason babies get their ears pierced is because their mothers think it looks cute. The babies can’t

The Prohibition of drugs doesn’t work

Decades of prohibition have seen rising drug use, rising drug related crime and thousands of people’s lives ruined for

Voting should be compulsory in the UK

With declining participation in elections, is it time to introduce compulsory voting in the UK to boost numbers in democracy’

Everyone Should Automatically Be Opted into an Organ Donation Scheme

There is a drastic shortage of organs for transplant. Most people say they would donate but never quite get around

The national curriculum should be scrapped

Has the national curriculum exceeded its usefulness? In a fast-changing multi-cultural world isn’t it time we scrap it for

Basic Income Tax Should Be Abolished

It is time to scrap the entire system of income tax and move to a sales taxed system, the more

Civil Disobedience Can Be Justified

There were times in history when breaking the law was justified: Great leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, broke

It is time to stop buying bottled water

Bottled water is less healthy than tap water and plastic bottles are having a huge impact on the environment. It

War Powers for UK parliament

Should the prerogative power to commit British armed forces to armed conflict abroad be removed from the UK Prime Minister

Housewives Should Be Paid for Their Work

Should family members receive a wage for the work they do in the home? All the Yes points: The running
Advertisements Do More Harm Than Good

Advertisements Do More Harm Than Good

Is having widespread advertising good for a society? All the Yes points: The levels of advertising are just too much

Terrorism should not be allowed publicity

Should terrorist acts be allowed publicity through the internet, media, news services etc.? All the Yes points: When the media


Are biofuels a better alternative to fossil fuels? Should their use be encouraged by government regulations and subsidy? All the

Does the world benefit from having a single superpower?

Does the world benefit from having a single superpower? All the Yes points: The world is safer with a single

Future Of Nation States

Does the traditional nation state have a future? All the Yes points: Seeing the world as a collection of separate
Economic Development vs the Environment

Economic Development vs the Environment

Is the economic development of developing countries more important than protecting the environment? All the Yes points: Taking care of
Mobile Phones Used by Children

Mobile Phones Used by Children

Should children be allowed to own and use mobile phones (cellphones)? All the Yes points: Mobile phones are safe for

There Should be a Minimum Weight Limit For Professional Models

Should there be a minimum weight limit for professional models? In our modern and media influenced society there is an

The US Should Abolish Agricultural Subsidies

The US should abolish agricultural subsidies All the Yes points: Government intervention in the marketplace contradicts the values of free-trade

Rural Development

Should rural areas maintain their traditional agricultural role? All the Yes points: Maintaining the traditional agricultural role of the countryside

Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

Should the legal age for drinking alcohol be lowered? All the Yes points: The British and US limits on drinking

Gambling And Casinos Should Be Banned

Should gambling be banned or severely restricted? Or should casinos be encouraged? All the Yes points: To gamble is irrational

Foreign languages, compulsory in schools (JUN)

Should all school pupils be made to learn at least one foreign language? All the Yes points: Foreign languages are

State Funding of Elite Athletes

Should the state financially support elite athletes or should it leave them to compete for a limited pot of funding

Prisoners Should Have The Right To Vote

Should people serving prison sentences be permitted to vote in elections? All the Yes points: Prisoners remain human beings. We

It’s Dangerous to Teach History in Schools

Is it dangerous to teach History to school pupils? All the Yes points: Even when there is no attempt to

Benefits of Corruption

Should public corruption be accepted as a normal state of affairs in countries at a certain stage of development? All

Direct .vs. Indirect Aid

Should foreign aid donor nations and the World Bank continue to give the majority of their aid through the direct

Are Sports Really Good For Us?

Is sport really good for us? All the Yes points: Sport is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Boxing Should Be Banned

Should boxing be banned? All the Yes points: Boxing is a very dangerous sport. Every year both amateur and professional
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