Should the government enforce a mandatory retirement age? Is there an age when one is 'past it'?!

Is marriage an outdated institution? Is co-habitation replacing the institution of marriage, and will this affect the security and stability of children?

The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) has seen more classifications of mental illness than any previous edition. Does this mean that we are developing more mental illnesses, or are we simply finding new labels for types that have already been around

Deregulation has been blamed in the financial sector for the banking crisis that caused a global recession. Equally, too much regulation has been blamed for creating a 'nanny state' that leaves people devoid of any sense of personal responsibility.

George Monbiot in the Guardian:

Upon being convicted of an offense, an entry is made on a persons Criminal Record. Upon a specified period passing, as prescribed by the Rehabilitation Offender Act 1974, the offense is defined as a 'spent conviction'. The period depends on the seriousness of the offense and some convictions will ne

Is a large North American free trade bloc a laudable project? Should it be supported, or is free trade in this area a curse rather than a blessing?

Teens use drugs all the time. When they do they do not think about what they are doing to themselves. teens get harmed in many negative ways when they do use the drugs. Schools are one sorce that can help guide these teens into not using the drugs but the schools do not do enough because it is still

Should electronic surveillance of American citizens by the US government only be permitted after court approval of a legal warrant? Or should we trust the government to exercise its powers to protect the United States in a time of threat?

The internet has given everyone new freedoms, whether it is making shopping easier, planning journeys or looking for information. It has also made giving our opinions to a potentially wide audience much easier. Everyone on the internet is anonymity and this seems to be having negative effects on how