Over the past decade many countries in what we know as the 'third world' have borrowed huge sums of money from wealthier countries in times of strife. Do these debts now hanging like nooses around countries necks? Are they preventing economic expansion and ultimately wealthier populations?

It is generally believed that free press is an essential to foster democratic norms and values. It plays a vital role in raising awareness among people. But is it alwys right? Shouldn't we curb their rights to a larger extent?

The recent attempts of North Korea and Iran to build up their own nuclear weapons have raised the international awareness and have intensified the debate concerning the spread of nuclear weapons. The western world states that these countries are not stable enough to possess nuclear power. But does r

Eton-college/Andover is by far the most preferred institution for boys all over Britain/the-world/The-U.S. Perhaps, because it offers the best education a boy can have. How many coed schools compare? Zero.

Some people justify the massive expansion of CCTV by saying that law abiding citizens should have nothing to hide. And it is true that some criminals have been caught as a result. However, the fact is that surveillance culture is a huge risk to individual freedom and we should be very worried abou

We say that we have universal suffrage, and barriers based on wealth, colour and gender have all been torn down. Yet children, who are affected by the decisions of governments, have no voice in deciding who should govern the country. Are they too ignorant, too lacking in intelligence? If so, why don

Churchill said "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." Essentially that democracy has many flaws and problems but all the others have more problems. Now authoritarian countries such as China are potentially challenging thi

Should children go to different schools depending on their academic ability?

Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport be legalised?

Should states act (impose sanctions, declare war) unilaterally, or should they try to get international support for their actions?

Conservationalists are usually against killing animals however they are leading a campaign against American mink in Britain. The mink is an invasive species that first arrived in the UK for fur farms in the 1950s. There were quickly escapees that began colonising Britain. The advance of the mink has