Should we be governed by a 'world government', with the United Nations Assembly becoming a directly elected parliament? Should nation-states give up more of their sovereignty to supranational institutions?

Are we experiencing a 'clash of civilizations', or can Islam and democracy co-exist?

ASBOs were introduced in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act and were heavily criticised by many. The Labour Party did little research but based the orders on anecdotal evidence from MPs constituencies. In light of how they have been utilised, have they proved effective?

There is currently no legislation (in the UK) explicitly banning forced marriage. Forced marriage is a problem in a number of minority communities and can involve the forced spouse being sent back home to marry or being forced to marry in the UK.

This is different from arranged marri

A woman in Essex was arrested for 'theft by finding' for taking food from around the back of a local Tesco Express after the food had been thrown out because of a power cut. If you can feed yourself and your family with the food that a supermarket doesn't want when it would otherwise go to waste, wh

The UK General Election is imminent. However, if you vote for any party other than Labour or Conservative, you are very unlikely to be represented by an elected official of your choosing in parliament. Can we really claim to be a democratic society when such a large proportion of the votes cast in t

Is this just about youth culture and the link to crime - or does it have wider issues. Are we looking just at lyrics that incite crime or should we ban Holst's Mars the god of war. How do we go about banning it?

Today many wonder is the walk on the Moon really authentic or is it a cruel deception,was it really a big step for man kind or simply a big step for Photo Shop?Is the walk on the Moon ,rightfully, Americas` pride or was it just a good tool for the predominance in the world?Did America really have th

Across the world the poorest are facing a new challenge in the form of climate change. In Bolivia the glaciers that are now melting due to climate change have always brought water to communities and this may soon dry up as climate change continues. They are now arguing that those who cause the probl

One of the greatest sporting shows on earth is underway in South Africa. The football has so far not been as good as might have been expected but what are the benefits to the hosts? The Olympics in particular used to be known as an event that often leaves a city that hosts the event in significant d

It's been estimated Britain had to invest around £15m for each gold medal won. With similar figures coming from Australia – and presumably other countries too – the question is, is this money well spent? Are we getting a good return on investment or should we put our limited resources elsewhe

Should the USA prefer to give aid money bilaterally (directly to individual countries or projects) or multilaterally (channelling it through United Nations agencies, World Bank, NGOs, etc.)?