Everyone has heard of the christmas spirit. At this time ofyear, everyone is maddly rushing to buy gifts for family. But can all of this frantic present purchasing all just a scam?

Many countries in the present day are considered as democracies or are fighting for democracy, thus do you not believe that being able to wear something so simple as a religious symbol or to speak freely about something you truly believe in (sort of what were doing now) is what could be deemed as a

What do you think, is there life after death? Answer might be quite different depending on how you approach this subject. Do you have religious or scientific point of view.

In a multi-faith Country we should not be wishing everyone a Merry Christmas but rather we should follow the Americans in wishing Season’s Greetings. Should we be celebrating ‘Christmas’ when most of our population no longer practices Christianity? It is however still a tradition and while we