Should water be treated as a commodity that can be priced as an economic resource and traded across international boundaries? Or is it a unique common good that should be the subject of international cooperation?

Should countries prosecute child soldiers for the crimes they committed during wartime? Should there be an international minimum age of criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Is a large North American free trade bloc a laudable project? Should it be supported, or is free trade in this area a curse rather than a blessing?

Europe and America have regularly but not consistently tied aid to developing countries to human rights. After all the US gives billions, and not just humanitarian aid but also dollars for military equipment, to Egypt,Israel and Saudi Arabia. More recently China has been willing
to invest in

It has been twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany but the inequalities between the two Germany's remain i.e. East Germany is poorer than West Germany.

Is it possible for a modern government to pursue an active foreign policy with ethics at the centre? Should governments always try to do the moral thing?

Will free trade benefit third world countries? Does it harm developed countries? Could it serve a universal good? Is free trade a realistic goal?

In recent years the UN and other International Organizations have pointed out as a major problem for this Century the shortage of water availability for human usage. The crisis is a widespread phenomenon but specially affects under-developed countries, where life can be seriously jeopardized due to