The UN is becoming out of step with the realities of the world. At the same time as there are new rising powers demanding better representation the UN is moving the wrong way in terms of openness and transparency. Old powers with vetos will be able to cling on to their positions on the UNSC long aft

Agreed that this suggestion is unlikely if not impossible to ever occur. However, given that there are only two factions in Kashmir; a larger one that calls for an independent Kashmir and a smaller group that wants to join up with Pakistan. And neither wants to be a part of India.
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Over the past decade many countries in what we know as the 'third world' have borrowed huge sums of money from wealthier countries in times of strife. Do these debts now hanging like nooses around countries necks? Are they preventing economic expansion and ultimately wealthier populations?

The recent attempts of North Korea and Iran to build up their own nuclear weapons have raised the international awareness and have intensified the debate concerning the spread of nuclear weapons. The western world states that these countries are not stable enough to possess nuclear power. But does r

Is it ever acceptable to pay a bribe? Should companies who pay bribes abroad be prosecuted for it in their own countries? Should the ones who give bribes be treated equally to those who take bribes?

Is nationalism always a force for bad, or can it sometimes bring benefits?

Nowadays Russia is an extremely powerful country and the expression of its power is frequent and visible.Some might say that this power is used to feed the rivalry between the east and the west also that Russian people are the object of manipulation of corrupt leadership...Is this thought a product