English has in the 20th century become the global language. It is the language of trade, diplomacy and the internet. However the increase in international languages, in particular English but also Spanish and Mandarin marginalise smaller languages even within their own homelands. In Indonesia Bahasa

Until the twentieth century Art was mostly about beauty or perfection. Art had to stand apart from everyday life and give someone pause. Art has however morphed into including ugly things, or everyday items that are simply classed as 'art' because someone says it is. How are the critics taken in by

The latest version of Kindle, an online newspaper and magazine repository developed by Amazon, is predicted to 'revolutionise publishing' It can hold up to 1,500 titles, all of which can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds. They vary in cost but most are free. Many people already buy e-Books and

The UK’s knife culture is embodied in ominously high statistics; between 2007 and 2008 some 277 deaths resulted from stabbings in England and Wales, topping figures up to 30 years ago. Media exposure and government concerns ensure public shame and disapproval of belonging to a country which excel

Two years ago in November, a prank similar to an April Fool's Joke was carried out by a group calling themselves the 'Happy Endings Foundation' . They demanded that authors of children's books come up with happier endings and even proposed that offending books be burned! While this group never actua

Should there be a minimum weight limit for professional models? In our modern and media influenced society there is an increasing presentation of beauty in women, using extremely thin models. Petite, skinny and beautiful models are frequently size zero (UK size 4) and labelled as such, promote th

Is this just about youth culture and the link to crime - or does it have wider issues. Are we looking just at lyrics that incite crime or should we ban Holst's Mars the god of war. How do we go about banning it?