Christmas is a scam

Last updated: March 8, 2017

Everyone has heard of the christmas spirit. At this time ofyear, everyone is maddly rushing to buy gifts for family. But can all of this frantic present purchasing all just a scam?

Christmas is a scam
Yes because...


Santa Claus. A fat, jolly and reindeer owning man who resigns in the north pole. As believeable as this sounds, we all know perfectly well that Santa isnt real. Since old Saint Nic, who gave away purses of gold to those in need, Santa has degenerated to working in a factory, surrounded by magical elves, and Mrs Claus, who bakes cookies and cakes. It has brought up a lot of disscussion, but how Santa fly around the entire globe in 24 hours? And how can he fit down our chimmneys after eating all Mrs Claus' biscuits? Imagine how many washes Mrs Claus would have to do to get all the soot out of his jolly red suit. We had to admit it, but Santa Claus is fake, falso and phony fat man. So why does Santa Claus continue to fly to our house? Because corperate businesses market him. Companies like The Warehouse or ToyWorld wouldn't have nearly as much profit in December if that fat, red man didnt come and drink our milk. Practically every shop can profit from Santa. Even security stores could scam money, by asking how Santa Claus gets into houses that dont have chimmneys, and saying that purchasing a home security system can protect your house even more. So wheather its his impossible flying dynamics, his unfeasible home, his unbelieveable time constraints or even his unrealistic elf workers, the story of Santa all comes together to prove that Christmas is most definetely all just a scam for money.
No because...
Yes, Santa may not be real and businesses may be scaming money, but it can all come down to the feeling of joy. To buy your five year old son a big fire truck and see his face when he opens it is priceless. Yes you may have just spent $100 on it, and seeing a 5 year old smile isnt going to take that money out of yuor bill, but seeing the joy in anyones face and knowing that it is because of you, is a pretty good feeling. People are eternally seeking joy and happiness, but to give it to someone can be even more rewarding. There will always be the problem of money but money is not everything. Money can buy things that make you, or people around you happy, but it can not buy happiness. It may seem cliche, but it is most definetly the truth. And even though christmas and santa may be a scam on the surface, there is always another side to every dstory. Think about it from the businesses point of view. Imagine a small, locally known store that gets a small amount of income each month and has employees to pay. December can be a very useful time of year for struggling businesses. The profit can jump rapidly and can effect peoples lifes to their benefit. So why should we ruin finacial success for small businesses and take away the joy of children just becasue we want to save up for a new car?

New user>>>>

This person talking of 'joy' may want to join the 'yes' column. Christmas is not about the joy of receiving gifts, it's about NOEL aka the JOY OF CHRIST. The above point is just as consumerist as all the rest. The sooner people get that into their heads, the better.

Christmas is a scam
Yes because...

Not a proper holiday

What annoys me about these holidays is the fact that most people who celebrate christmas aren't even Christian!...

...It is the same for weddings, it doens't have the same meaning anymore, and therefore, like christmas, should either become a newly-named holiday, not assosiated to Christianity, or should become a second holiday celebrated by non-christians...
No because...
Despite the fact that many people who celebrate Christmas are not Christian, the spirit of the day as one of giving, kindness and charity remains intact. Christmas is not a 'scam' as many people do not under the pretend that they are celebrating anything other than the concept of loving and looking after one and other.

Christmas is a scam
No because...

You don't have to buy expensive presents

While I think it is important to give and receive presents - it is a part of the festival that everyone enjoys and a good expression of friendship - it doesn't have to be the latest products. A small but appropriate gift, maybe even a home-made gift, would be just as much appreciated. In my Livejournal circle of friends we have a Christmas tradition of writing each other short stories as presents.
Yes because...
But surely we do not need a made up festival as an excuse to do this? We should be considering others and doing the little things that put a smile on people's faces as often as possible, not just on one day in December!

Christmas is a scam
No because...

Christmas exists without concept of gifts

Christmas is clearly not a scam. It is a historical, celebrated festival that is marked all over the Western world (and increasingly in the non-Western world). It honours a religious event, the birth of Christ, and present buying is, whilst also a long-standing tradition, not at all compulsory.

What people choose to do to mark the occasion is their own business. No one obligates them to buy presents. It is possible to celebrate Christmas giving simple gifts at the end of a relaxed family meal, or possible to burn out one's overdraft and credit cards buying opulent gifts and an expensively showy meal for extended family. No one makes anyone choose either of those options, or any other.

Advertising naturally encourages people to take one option over the other; businesses want to make money, so of course they subvert the meaning of Christmas into being about buying as much as is possible for as many people as possible. They do not hold anyone down and force them into it. Admittedly there is a lot of psychological pressure placed on parents, in particular, to buy as much as they can, but it ultimately comes down to their own decision whether to shop or not.

Even if someone does buy more than they can afford, the word 'scam' is not accurate to describe this. The word implies that people are spending money on something which ultimately is not as promised, and cons them. They are not. They are spending money on gifts, which they then give to people, who then use the gifts. This is a valid transaction for all parties.

The central point, however, is that without any purchases at all, the concept of Christmas would still stand. There would still be religious celebrations. There would still be family meals, where people gather together to be close to each other. This seems to imply that it is not a scam.
Yes because...
The simple fact that Santa brings better gifts to rich kids than he does to poor kids proves you and all you believers have been scammed.

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I have, after many years, completely given up on the tradition of Christmas which has completely lost all sense of rationality. The combination of “Ho-ho-ho” and “Little Town of Bethlehem” in a combined festive celebration has finally done my head in. My family and I have now agreed to rename our celebrations as “Thanksgiving” and indulge in them whenever and wherever we choose. We will, on these occasions, be reminded of how blessed we are in so many ways and reach out with gifts and acts of kindness to those who are less fortunate. Blessings to all those who have seen the light. May it become contagious!

Dora Wilson

I don’t do xmas at all. I do take advantage of the “xmas specials” but if I want something (think: present/gift) then why would I want to wait until the 25th Dec to get it? People go very over the top for xmas, why? They end up in dreadful debt. Then there is the “guilt-trip” some people fear will hit them if they don’t do xmas. To me the 25th of December is just another day with the exception that all of the shops are shut. On the 24th Dec the shops are bursting, especially the supermarkets, as if they were going to be closed for weeks. It’s only one day, the same as Good Friday. But don’t let me get started on that enigma. If I want to eat meat on Good Friday, who the hell cares? By not doing xmas I save a fortune. It is all so hypocritcal.