Female children are more useful at home

Female Children Are More Useful at Home

Last updated: February 22, 2017

Why famele child is more important than a male child at home

Female Children Are More Useful at Home
Yes because...

social requirements

As a female child, in whatever society you live in, you are naturally required to help around.
We live in paternal societies, so male children are taught from an early age that they only need to work hard and bring money home, while females should not only have a workplace, but also be able to do work around the house, like cleaning, hoovering, washing, sewing, gardening and obviously cooking.
S i;t become natural for a mum to ask her daughter to help her around and not do the same thing with the son. So the daughter learns throughout time that it is expected of her to help around, because it;s the only way to become a successful woman.
No because...
not sure i buy that...

Female Children Are More Useful at Home
Yes because...

female children can be helpful from an earlier age

Male children can be useful as well. It;s just that men tend to help around the house with more mechanic, dangerous things,while female focus in the cleaning and cooking. You can clean from an early age, but it takes a certain age and physical development to change a light bulb, for example
No because...
A boy can be taught the very same tasks as a girl at the same age

Female Children Are More Useful at Home
No because...

Sexist proposition

Regardless of the topic in many ways having been flipped over in that it is considering girls more useful than boys this debate is still rather sexist in its assertion that girls are better in the home than boys. People are individuals, many boys may be much more useful around the home than their sisters.
Yes because...
True that we are individuals, but our behavior is typically a product of our culture. The behavior model for girls is different than that of boys. This model extends into adulthood and the behavioral differences are observable throughout our (American) culture. The debate is only sexist if it is presented without any forethought as to its accuracy. Assuming that the topic is sexist is an ideological assertion.

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