There shouldn’t be an option to dropout of highschool

Last updated: March 10, 2017

There is an option to drop out of highschool in grade 11.
Research shows, 90% of students who drop out of highschool regret it during the first year.
Dropping out of highschool isn't exactly a great option. To drop out of highschool, you should have a better reason, like having a baby, or needing surgery and having to go away for a couple of years, which means that other than that, you shouldnt be able to quit whenever you want just because you're lazy.

There shouldn’t be an option to dropout of highschool
No because...

Schools are not daycare centres

It is pointless keeping children at school who are not interested in learning. If you do, they will end up in the back of the classroom with nothing better to do than disrupt the other students. They will also become resentful that they are being kept at school against their wishes, which results in social dislocation.
Yes because...
If as the debate definition proclaims, 90% high school dropouts regret it, then they should be held back. At eleventh grade students are hardly children, so the daycare comment makes no sense. If students can be kept in school up until tenth grade, keeping them another year, shouldn't be too difficult.

There shouldn’t be an option to dropout of highschool
No because...

School doesn't cater to everyone's strengths

The current educational system is not suited to everyone.Only a specific set of skills or talents prominent in some students are developed(e.g analytical and mathematical skills). In the process a whole lot of other students with other skills or talents are neglected.Fact is some learn better inn a classroom while some are made for more practical or artistic work.So,instead of allowing those with diverse talents waste away due to neglect and frustration,they should just be allowed to leave.Some are actually a lot smarter than highschool level.
Yes because...
Most colleges require Quantitative skills, SATs test quantitative, verbal and writing skills. Fact is, you can't even go to an art school or music college without a high-school diploma.

There shouldn’t be an option to dropout of highschool
No because...

However, it should be hard to dropout.

i think that people have situations where they need to drop out of high school because of personal matters or maybe they have something else they want to pursue. I think that these people should definitely be allowed to dropout of high school. However i do think that those kids that just dropout because they are lazy and dont want to work but dont want to go to summer school. They just want to dropout to not put up with the hassle of school. Those people should stay in school. They are obviously going to not do any better outside of school, in fact some will do worse. So i think we should give them a chance to turn around and change and save themselves so they wont regret it. So i propose that we have the guidance counsler determine the dropouts along with the principal and the candidate that wants to dropout must have a valid reason and a bunch of back up points to their reason, therefore only the people that need or really want the dropout get it and not just all the lazy kids in high school.
Yes because...

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There should definitely NOT be an option to drop out of school. The book learning is certainly important; however, just as important as the book learning is the life lessons that school teaches. Attending school each day with the responsibilities that go along with it mirrors the adult responsibiliities of working a job each day….time deadlines, getting along with others, rules to follow, tasks to perform, striving to perform to the best of one’s ability, etc.. Kids who are allowed to quit school are “being taught” that if you are lazy and/or otherwise don’t want to do something, it’s ok to just quit. THIS MENTALITY IS WHY OUR COUNTRY IS FULL OF YOUNGER PEOPLE WITH NO WORK ETHIC WHATSOEVER! Believe me, I do know; my husband and I own a business so we see it first hand all the time. It’s quite disgusting.

Garry Bobby Ferguson

all humans are programmed to learn the american educational system between 8-12 grade is a failure, and even k-7 is flawed. Much of everything taught k-7 can be taught earlier and faster many other countries such as japan teach harder things sooner which always shows great results. School isn’t based n intellect anymore its based on how long you’ve been indoctrinated to become a drone, if intellect was the case then the ASVAB wouldnt allow a high schooler to score less to qualify for the military instead of a dropout needing to score higher. And their are plenty of dropouts that score between 80-99 but they dont get accepted due to not have a pretty paper that says you gave away 18 years of your life for pretty much nothing but basic math and reading skills. But someone that scores a 31 can qualify just because of that paper? that’s not a test of intelligence, American education system is a failure a 7th grader is practically as smart as a high schooler.