Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry?

Last updated: March 7, 2017

The Blackberry and the iPhone are both great phones, but the real question is which one do you think is better?

Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry?
Yes because...

Yes because.....

Iphones are much more better than blackberries. I think this because an iphone has more better features than a blackberry.
On an Iphone the web is better but it doesn't have no voice memo option and no voice text option
On a Blackberry the volume is better but it doesn't have the touchscreen.

A lot of kids enjoy using the iphone, they can check their emails and they can play games and save songs on Itunes. But to older people they think that Blackberries are better they don't won't to play games they just want to check their emails and talk to others.

There are more advantages and disadvantages to both of them but I still think that Iphones are much more better than Blackberries.
No because...
The Blackberry is the more modernized version of today's working class cell phone. Companies won't want to invest in a touch-screen cell phone because they are very fragile and it would make no sense the pay more money for a phone that you aren't going to use for its intended purpose. If you are the social freak (as every child in America is) then the iPhone would be a worth-while investment, because it has all of the social networking functions that connect you to the internet when you are away from your computer. But for mature adults, the Blackberry is the smarter option, because you have a keyboard instead of an on-screen keyboard, which can be tough to navigate with large adult hands. Plus, the Blackberry is a key factor in the work environment, because it links you directly to your work e-mail, documents, calendars, to-dos, alarms, etc.

Overall, the Blackberry wins this battle to the iPhone, for it's maturity, diversity, and efficiency.

Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry?
Yes because...

The IPhone has more features

In my opinion I think that the IPhone is way better than the Blackberry. I think this because the IPhone has more features and is touch screen. The IPhone can download lots of amazing Aps and has the ability to go on the internet anywhere if you have the plan. The IPhone has everything you need text messaging, Facebook, MSN and much more. A lot more people like the IPhone because of its new technology that it is touch screen and is able to play any game you can if you download it from ITunes. The IPhone has ITunes connected to the IPhone so you can watch video, play games and listen to music.

No because...

Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry?
Yes because...

iPhone is great tech.

The new iPhone 4S now has Siri, a voiced controlled personal assistant that you can ask any question you like and it will answer it within the voice controll. The iPhone 4 has over 300,000 apps in the App Store and is a lot better at handling music. Its also very fast compared to the Blackberry and at the same time has a reasonable battery life
No because...
As for technology well ALL iPhones are so far behind that the only thing keeping them afloat is the fact that the company has a massive hype-machine that makes them seem desirable. If taken on their actual merits, the most advanced phones are actually made by HTC.

Voice controlled features are actually significantly older then apple would have you believe. The iPhone is not actually faster then Blackberry, processing power and simple, uncomplicated transitions make getting from one thing to another faster.

Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry?
No because...

Blackberries are best for teens and up

The blackberry is a phone that has several functions. You can download apps from appworld and there is a free program to talk to others who have a blackberry. There is also email, facebook, games and more.

Generally the iPhone is for people who don't text much or need to type on it much because the keypad is a bit hard to use considering it is a touch screen.

Though both of my parents have iPhones, they generally only call people on it, and give it to us to play games on it.

Blackberries have many functions, and iPhones do too, but I think that overall, the Blackberries are better developed.

Also, this debate shows a lot of bias towards iPhones, the title itself, "Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry??" favours the iPhone, it literally favours the iPhone, or favours the blackberry in ways.

I have yet to see a product that apple releases that wasn't something already put on the market. The only 2 things apple has been good at is having a "technological look" and a user-friendly interface. Tablets were around before the iPad (Microsoft had the first, even though it was unsuccessful, Apple did not invent the tablet), MP3 players were around before the iPod (Kane Kramer invented the first, then followed Audio Highway. Saehan Information Systems created the first mas produced MP3 player after those. Diamond multimedia, Compaq w/ HanGo, Creative, Cowon and Arkos all created MP3 Players before the iPod. Infact, Cowon even coined the "i" before their name calling it the iAudio and being accused of stealing the "i" from iPod before iPods were even around.). Palm, Windows and Blackberry all beat the Iphone to the Smart Phone market by at least 5 years. Apple has never done anything that was never done before. The closest they ever got was creating a tablet that sold. All apple has is a "name" from their "technological look" where users think that theyre getting the most advanced technology when really they're usually behind themselves. They always release a product that is next to pathetic but is sold as the greatest technology so people buy it. Months later they put out a new version better fit. For example, the first iPads didn't even have USB ports. They were ABSOLUTELY nothing more than an oversized phone that couldn't make phone calls. In fact, my phone was more powerful than the first iPads that came out. If you really believe that Apple is advanced in technology then you were just suckered into a false reality

Yes because...
First of all, there ARE free programs on the iPhone that allows communication with other IPhones, and if you havent noticed, the program BBM for blackberry is free however, you still have to pay monthly inorder to have the blackberry messaging useable. So that does not make BlackBerry better than the IPhone in that sense.

Secondly, I believe that the keyboard is just the matter of whether you are use to it or not. Speaking from experience, i've had the BlackBerry Bold (known for the big buttons and easy texting) and the IPhone4/3GS. Personally, the touch screen IPhone keyboard is much more comfortable for me, but I think it's just preference.

Lastly, Blackberries are more developed? Who says? Apple's had one of the greatest technological advance in years and Blackberry's new products are always similar to the ones Apple released couple months before. Like the IPad and BlackBerry Tab.

Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry?
No because...

Blackberry Is Better

In my opinion the blackberry is better. I personally have a Blackberry and it is a great phone I have played around with peoples Iphones and i dont think there the greatest. I'm not that big on touch phones so the iphone is not my favourite. Heres a website with a couple of reasons why th blackberry is better.
Yes because...

Is the iPhone better than the Blackberry?
No because...

More capabilities.

Ever tried to expand your iPhone's memory? Change or even just pull the battery? Copy and paste text? Run 3 or more apps at the same time? Send an MMS message? No? Try it. Guess what; All of these are possible (and really easy) on any current blackberry.

No, iPhone CAN'T do these things.
Yes because...

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both have advantages but blackberry only has a few over iphone. I always owned a blackberry versus iphone for 10 years and just switched to the iphone. here is what I miss – 1/ the red flashing light to alert a message is there (I know iphone has the the banners but I dont want my messages popping up that are personal in front of coworkers), 2/ the alarm clock is much better, u can just touch the screen for snooze versus finding the snooze button 3/ I have never made so many typos with the iphone screen versus the blackberry keyboard 4/ love the swipe on the blackberry Q10 versus the always having to revert back to the button on the iphone 6S.
All other categories like design, camera, apps, facetime, imessage are better on the iphone.

Jagmeet Singh

why i-phones is better than blackberry phones exclude these points (features,touch screen, web is better, a lot of applications, free communication,