Are Schools Doing Enough to Prevent Illegal Drug Abuse by Teenagers?

Last updated: March 8, 2019

Teens use drugs all the time. When they do they do not think about what they are doing to themselves. teens get harmed in many negative ways when they do use the drugs. Schools are one sorce that can help guide these teens into not using the drugs but the schools do not do enough because it is still a problem. Some may argue that the schools are doing enough and its not there problem. But they need to understand that it is their problem because the schools are the location that these teens are mostly in. And sadly sometimes schools are the areas that the teens may get ahold of the drugs.

Are Schools Doing Enough to Prevent Illegal Drug Abuse by Teenagers?
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It's Not the Schools Job

First off, saying that all teens use drugs is not only unfair but it is also a logical fallacy (Hasty Generalization).

Sure. A school is suppose to educate students, but when it comes to drugs, sex, and alcohol, the parents should be the one in charge of preventing illegal drug abuse by teens around the clock (during school hours is a different story). Although, it is not the schools' job to prevent illegal drug abuse, schools do teach the dangers of drug abuse. In many West Coast schools, students are taught the dangers of drugs prior to the 4th grade. The middle school and high school then continue to inform students about the danger.

It is the schools' job to educate students. The school is not responsible for teens that break laws outside of schools.

Teenagers will always manage to get drugs the same problem is about with alcohol, the more you make something forbidden the more it becomes desirable
No because...
Yes,it is correct to say a school is meant to educate people, but education can come in all forms,therefore it is a school's job to educate pupils about the dangers of drug abuse and how to avoid it.Some schools claim to do this,but from my own experience it is a topic that is only lightly touched since it is considered almost too shameful.However,the truth of the matter is drugs ARE out there,wherever you are,and schools should do the best they can to warn pupils that it is a life destroying industry.

I am a high school student, and do not think enough awareness is made of illegal substanmce abuse. I have so many friends that use drugs, most of them with low self esteem, and not aware of the effects of drugs. Schools arn't responsible for us 24 hrs a day, but they are responsible for us 7-8 hrs in a day. Drugs are avalible throughout the school, and are easily accessible. This is a problem. If drugs weren't so accessible then maybe there wouldn't be such an issue. One of my best friends, an ex heroine addict, recently he found out he had hepatitis C. his life is ruined. And said that if he knew that this could happen, he would've never used needles. Teens need help with thuis growing issue. Drugs are altering young minds, and killing our friends, family, and classmates. Something needs to be done.

Are Schools Doing Enough to Prevent Illegal Drug Abuse by Teenagers?
Yes because...

Schools cannot monitor pupils 24/7

Illegal drug abuse mostly takes place outside of school,therefore schools have no control over what their pupils do outside of school hours,for example at weekends.Thus,it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to stop their child from accessing these drugs,since schools can only control what happens within their premises.
No because...
The proposition are correct, but the correct response from schools is not to say 'it happens outside our grounds, therefore we may ignore it.' Drug prevention isn't simply stopping those who already take drugs, it also involves stopping those who may take drugs in the future.

Are Schools Doing Enough to Prevent Illegal Drug Abuse by Teenagers?
No because...

Too much health education at once

Essentially, schools are already criticised for not educating children and teenagers enough on a number of issues, including smoking, drinking, binge drinking, sex, pregnancy, STIs, peer pressure, bullying, suicide, mental health, knife crime, gun crime and gangs.

How is it possible for schools to be fulfilling all of these demands?

I remember at school many lessons on why smoking, binge drinking and unprotected sex were bad for you. Smoking in particular has come into education because of the push in the last ten years to bring down the numbers of smokers and smoking-related illnesses in the UK. However, I do not remember similar time dedicated to illegal drugs.

It is not the schools' fault, but if they are being demanded to teach all of these issues by a mixture of the government, the school governors, pressure groups and parents who cannot (for whatever reasons, good or bad) teach it themselves, then of course they aren't doing all they could be to prevent illegal drug abuse.
Yes because...

Are Schools Doing Enough to Prevent Illegal Drug Abuse by Teenagers?
No because...

Are drug users in schools?

The proposition have referred to drug abuse happening outside of schools - largely correctly. I would also ask the following: do habitual drug users even go to school?

This is, of course, a generalisation. However, crime, drugs and truancy do have a common trend. Not all truants are criminals or drug abusers, nor vice versa. However, many of them are, and enough of them that many teenaged habitual drug abusers are not attending school regularly or at all.

Therefore, once again, it may be the case that school are indeed not doing enough to prevent illegal drug abuse by teenagers - but because they can't.
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