After this year's melodrama with hung parliaments and coalition governments, has politics become too focused on party rather than policy? And could we envisage a nonpartisan system of government, perhaps similar to that of Republican Rome, but where politicians can be individually elected and remove

I think health care should be free. my parents cant afford it and there for we barely go to the doctors and the dintists. if we cant afford it i do know that alot more people cant either, and thats a huge problem.

A new study finds yet another troubling side-effect: It may make us more selfish. That is "choice."

Having too many options can make us fatigued: Studies have found that when faced with a number of decisions all at once, people either stop making them or start taking shortcuts. Other re

Charities often encourage people to purchase coloured ribbons in order to promote awareness and gain funding to help prevent specific diseases or forms of cancer. For example, breast cancer charities encourage people to wear their pink ribbons to show support. However, lung cancer has no such ribbon

With the threat of global warming, rife deforestation, acid rain, flooding, and various other natural disasters, is this the consequence of humanities lack of responsibility and caring for the environment? Cutting down the rainforest for timber or farming/city space is very profitable but is it wort

We think that fast food advertising should be banned for many reasons for example, many fast food companies have supporting chariities (ronald mcdonald house), fast food adds dontt actually force you to buy a product they only suggest it, also fast food buisness men make their money out of their fas

Local councils and businesses have become so risk averse in recent years that they refuse to let their employees or the public do the most basic of tasks. In Dudley, England, local people were warned off cutting the grass verge outside their homes because they did not have the correct insurance.

This debate is about the good and bad points for how junk food should be banned. Whether you believe junk food is unhealthy, or you think it's good, please add to this debate

Size zero should be banned.
In our modern and media influenced society there is an increasing presentation of beauty in women, using extremely thin models. Petite, skinny and beautiful models are frequently size zero (UK size 4) and labelled as such, promote this body type to the public. But

In May, the vast majority of children who are in Year 6, are most likely to do their end of year SATS. There are mixed opinions about this issue, many people think it puts a huge amount of pressue on children, but on the positive side, it tells teachers what we can and can`t do. What do you think ?