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Sentient AI are not a reality yet, but technology is expected to reach that point in the foreseeable future. A moralistic question that has been floated many times among various groups I associate with is whether it would be wise to give SAI rights comparable to humans. Another point to consider is

Politicians see immigration reform as a useful way to curry favour with the electorate. Immigrants can’t vote and the native population often wants tighter controls on who is allowed into the country. However, such controls can often be counterproductive and should be more carefully thought thro

The world is awash with people forced to leave their homes and flee for their lives as a result of persecution and political upheaval. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the main international body dealing with refugees, estimates their number could be as high as 40 million -

It seems that the economic priority of the government is to do anything but create more jobs. The Brown government poured most of its recession spending into bailing out banks that then did not help businesses, so not helping create jobs. Cameron’s priority is cutting the deficit, so creating more

Michael Jackson was the king of pop. He is one of the biggest selling artists of all time, with his Thriller album being totally revolutionary. The fact that he was able to sell out 50 shows at Londons 02 arena, when we was no where near his most popular, further emphasises that as a musician and en

All major conferences about development or climate issues since seattle in 1999 have protests around them. This is especially true where there are going to be the leaders of the rich world comming. The Copenhagen conference has been no exception, 968 demonstraters were detained on saturday and more

There is an option to drop out of highschool in grade 11.
Research shows, 90% of students who drop out of highschool regret it during the first year.
Dropping out of highschool isn't exactly a great option. To drop out of highschool, you should have a better reason, like having a baby,

CRIMINOLOGY Criminology is the academic study of crime, and yet its scope is further reaching than the study of 'breaking the law'. In introductions to criminology various different definitions of crime are often posed - is it possible to take a simplistic view?

The obvious answer would be no. Why should having the internet as a resource mean that someone who is using the resource be more likely to plagiarise from it? Unfortunately it does seem to be the case that the internet has lead to an increase in plagiarism. It is so easy to copy from the internet th

Many elementary teachers use rewards to motivate students to exhibit appropriate behavior and to achieve academically. Research shows, however, that rewards have limited utility as motivators and are effective only when used under specific conditions. There is also a philosophical argument against u