is science a boon or bane ? express your views for or against this topic with sturdy reasons ,

We've all seen the products and been exposed to the advertising. And most of us have fallen for it.

We genuinely believe that by eating 'Organic' produce rather than crops that may have been exposed to chemicals or genetic modification we are doing ourselves, and the world, a favour.

Labour may be leaving the country in dire financial straits and not changed public services as radically as they might have done but whether it was caused by them or not Britain has probably become more tolerant. It may seem from the perennial theme of election campaigns that is asylum seekers and e

Why is status so determined by what we own? We judge others and feel judged because of what we wear, where we live and what car we drive. We pour over glossy magazines sighing in envy at the glamorous lives of the rich/wealthy and famous flitting from yacht to private plane to mansion. When reall

It is a widely debated topic in our education system. president Obama believed we should have one so we could improve national test scores. There are many pros and cons on the issue, between year round schooling and traditional schooling ( 3 month summer break). What is your opinion on the issue. Al

In recent years the UN and other International Organizations have pointed out as a major problem for this Century the shortage of water availability for human usage. The crisis is a widespread phenomenon but specially affects under-developed countries, where life can be seriously jeopardized due to

According to this link :
procrastination is good for you assuming it is structured organised and balled into a limited and set time-period.

Most people are heavier by choice(eating too much and no excersise) so why should they pay the same seat price as a lighter person ?. A smaller person will pay extra on baggage weight then sit next to a heavyweight, where is the justification in that ??? the other person is 4 times heavier.The genui

In 2010 for the first time more than 50% of the global population lives in urban areas. This is a trend that is set to continue for decades more as the less developed countries urbanise. China for example is set to have its number of megacities, cities with over 10 million people, grow from six to t

The European Council in 2008 estimated that the EU has 3 million illegal immigrants. Migration affects all nations one way or another as people increasingly move around the world escaping war or environmental catastrophes or as with the majority of migrants simply to find jobs and a better standard

Russia was a favorite for many investors but Prime Minister Putin initially showed no interest in F.I.F.A nor the commercialism it would bring. Putin was not in Zurich when the bid was made but has denounced smear campaigns against the event.
Now he seems to be somewhat supportive. Concerns ab

Should the current Gregorian calendar be reformed? Should worldwide calendars be standardised?