The many controversial points brought up within debates similar to that of corporate sponsorships caught my attention and led me to creating this debate. Is Corporate sponsorship something positive, or negative? Should the government be the only source of funding within public schools? Whats your op

Should everyone speak and be taught the same language? What language should it be?

The Civil War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in american history. It began with the secession of seven southern states, in 1861, and continued for four years. The Southern states thought that the removal of slavery was an outrage, and would die over it. The North wanted to free the slaves and ke

Since the end of 2009 when fears about Greece’s economy mounted and its debt was downgraded, the European Union (E.U.) has faced a big challenge: deciding whether or not it should bail out member countries. Three countries Ireland, Portugal, and Greece, have so far received or are in the process

American Football is kept competitive by sharing out much of the revenue that is generated by the sport equally between the clubs and by salary caps. This means that the sport does not divide into big and small clubs, between rich and poor the way that British football has. There is some revenue sha

Is depression actually just a symptom of laziness and self-pity; should it be treated as a mental disease or shunned as a social one?

In a multi-faith Country we should not be wishing everyone a Merry Christmas but rather we should follow the Americans in wishing Season’s Greetings. Should we be celebrating ‘Christmas’ when most of our population no longer practices Christianity? It is however still a tradition and while we

Is the rejection of all violence a valid principle by which to live?

Religion is a key part of many people's lives and should not, therefore, be deliberately kept out of political debate. Because most Western societies are primarily Christian any attempt to keep religion out of politics maintains the status quo and makes it harder for people of other religions to ha