Do Human Rights exist? What are they? Why do we have them?

Gorbachev has been praised for his role in the fall of the Eastern Bloc, however he was not directly on the scene in East Germany so his impact was indirect, on how the East German government and people acted and reacted to his statements. Does he deserve to be seen as a key player in the fall of th

Many religion believe animals don't have souls and therefore are incapable of feeling others believe that because animals don't have the capacity to experience suffering/or enjoyment since they lack the ability for higher consciousness they cannot feel. while some believe they are unconscious beings

Should Taiwan declare independence?

Genetic engineering in humans may be able to save millions of lives by finally treating hereditary diseases such as cancer and cystic fibrosis. However genetic engineering will be abused by many perfectionists who want to design their babies right down to the colour of their eyes. I personally think

Should divorce be made even easier to obtain, or are there social and moral reasons to discourage it?

In recent years, the online shopping industry has absolutely exploded, to the point that there are now many people who will only buy new products online. It’s not difficult to understand the potential benefits of online shopping, but at the same time there are also people who are sticking to ordin

Should the use of referendums be increased?

Polls have become an indispensable way for us to try and determine public mood. However, they’re not always accurate. They’ve been wrong many times in the past, most recently by predicting Obama would win primaries Clinton ended up taking. So do they tell us who’s going to win, or are they

As the stakes of the war on terror are raised, are the US' use of torture, and its attitude towards UN's Geneva convention justified?

The collapse of Lehman Brothers caused a shock throughout the global economy. Saving the bank might have saved the world economy from plunging into the worst recession since the 1930s Great Depression. Was it worth letting Lehman fail when the US government has been willing to save other banks that

At the moment Britain goes by Greenwich Mean Time(G.M.T), but in the summer the clocks move forward an hour to give brighter evenings and one hour for people to work in. Moving to British summer time all year would however simplify things and have a multitude of other benefits to the economy.

Should a mandatory maximum salary be imposed by governments?