Plenty of kids these days are dating when they are in elementary school. Some call that young love and argue that the person they are with are right for them but some say that they are too young to be dating and they aren't physically or emotionally ready. Some families don't allow dating at all bec

Do boys and girls benefit more from being taught together or separately?

A just war is a war that is only implemented as a final resort. There are seven different principals that have to be followed for any war to be considered as a just war and if you look at the reasons that have been provided through history many of these have not been followed.
  1. All of the

An ongoing debate in the field of linguistics is whether language is controlled by thought, or thought by language. Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf proposed a hypothesis claiming that a person's native language will control their thoughts and that if a concept is not expressed in one's native langua

Do Human Rights exist? What are they? Why do we have them?

Gorbachev has been praised for his role in the fall of the Eastern Bloc, however he was not directly on the scene in East Germany so his impact was indirect, on how the East German government and people acted and reacted to his statements. Does he deserve to be seen as a key player in the fall of th