Is it possible for a modern government to pursue an active foreign policy with ethics at the centre? Should governments always try to do the moral thing?

Should societies integrate their immigrants into one, national life-style? Or should they instead embrace all the different cultures represented in the country?

Prime Minister Mountjoy (Peter Sellers) was talking about an improbable imaginary situation in 'The Mouse That Roared', but the basic message - that the boundaries between a good and a bad outcome can be blurred and that a defeat can have better consequences than a victory - holds. Is this just an

The European community was founded as a free trade block to encourage business and trading between its members. But nowadays the EU has gained the power to pass laws, affect the domestic policy of its member states and uphold human rights law. Does the EU have too much power? And has it abandoned it

People who love animals all agree that it is a good thing to raise a pet.
But they differ on which animal they want to raise.
If you want a pet, you will normally choose between getting a dog or a cat. (unless you're cool and want a cheetah or a rattle-snake or some other exotic fun thi

It has been the stuff of many science fiction novels and
films, cars that successfully drive themselves. Now we seem to be nearly there
and such cars could become a reality. Google has successfully test driven such
a car for 140,000 miles. But would anyone want to actually drive on

In a college English course titled, "Recent Popular Literature", much discussion revolved around the the belief that literature and the written word is becoming a lost art. With the rapid advances in technology, there is little room left to give books, poetry, and other forms of text. Less people ar

The ball in world cup tournaments always comes in for criticism. They are always the ‘roundest ever’ and therefore the ‘fastest ever’ which in turn means that the goalies complain that the odds of them stopping the ball going in to the goal is decreasing. This has always seemed a silly criti

Tamiflu is a costly treatment that does little good, it only reduces
the time with which those infected by swine flu have symptoms by about
a day. We are now being warned not to give tamiflu to children under
12 when they are the age group most at risk of infection by swine flu.

Many enviornmental campaigns gain corperate sponsors. For example Hopenhagen is sponsored by CocaCola, SAP and Simens. These campaigns appeal to corporations as a way to show they are socially consious and associate themselves with a good cause while still getting their brand out. This does not nece

Will free trade benefit third world countries? Does it harm developed countries? Could it serve a universal good? Is free trade a realistic goal?