It has been twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany but the inequalities between the two Germany's remain i.e. East Germany is poorer than West Germany.

Football is a cult that borders on the unhealthy & obsessive,which can lead to a deterioration and ultimately the breakdown of relationships.

Is the imposition of sanctions on states the best way to end child labour?

Capitalism, a system of economic, social, and political order is based on the concepts of market operations, renewable resources and profitability. Over the past few decades the flaws of capitalism has led to both financial and resource crises. With the emergence of a new food crisis, which is a con

We know that this is an era of social networking sites,people are using these sites as they are mandatory to them and they are using them to the level of addiction.The networking sites are a very useful means of staying connected to the people you want to be connected a days these sites

Our current administration is considering withholding certain funding for schools unless states adopt merit pay for teachers. Do you think teachers' pay should be based on the success of their students and district?

Staines is the latest town thinking of changing its name. There are many reasons why places would want to and do change their names, often it is to disassociate from the past. It is understandable that St Petersburg should prefer to embrace its Tsarist origins rather than the communist name of Lenin

Is it possible for a modern government to pursue an active foreign policy with ethics at the centre? Should governments always try to do the moral thing?

Should societies integrate their immigrants into one, national life-style? Or should they instead embrace all the different cultures represented in the country?

Prime Minister Mountjoy (Peter Sellers) was talking about an improbable imaginary situation in 'The Mouse That Roared', but the basic message - that the boundaries between a good and a bad outcome can be blurred and that a defeat can have better consequences than a victory - holds. Is this just an

The European community was founded as a free trade block to encourage business and trading between its members. But nowadays the EU has gained the power to pass laws, affect the domestic policy of its member states and uphold human rights law. Does the EU have too much power? And has it abandoned it