Ofsted have claimed that “Mixed-sex schools are not doing enough to promote girls’ confidence and ambitions” on account of the fact that female students seem more inclined to take classes, or do work experience, in roles that are typically considered female, such as taking textiles or helping

Normally, you have to be 18 years old to be 'legal.' I think many 16 year olds are mature enough and smart enough to handle important life decisions. Many of us out there are just pushed around because we are 'too young.' We shouldn't be 'too young' to be legal. We have choices, freedoms, and rights

From China in Asia to Nigeria, Africa, mobile innovation has taken a rapid penetration. However, this is possible as young people fully embrace new technologies and become active users. But then, questions arises that these innovations on the other hand become time waster/stealer from young people f

Eton-college/Andover is by far the most preferred institution for boys all over Britain/the-world/The-U.S. Perhaps, because it offers the best education a boy can have. How many coed schools compare? Zero.

Optimism drives success. Believing in a bright future is the first step in its direction.
However the 'pursuit of happiness' rather than just being content is the primary cause of a host of health problems;
ranging from psychological to physical. Believing the everything will always be

A lot has been in the news regarding the effect the snow and cold weather has had on our economy, and most agree that the snow has been disastrous for a recession struck financial structure. However, can we find the positive aspects that the snow has had on our economy?

The more money a sport gains the more it seems to move away from its core values and it seems the more likely there is to be cheats. Of course the more money there is as a reward the greater the incentive is to cheat to get that money. This year there have been numerous cases of cheating being caugh

Everyone has heard of the christmas spirit. At this time ofyear, everyone is maddly rushing to buy gifts for family. But can all of this frantic present purchasing all just a scam?

The world is fast approaching an economic collapse that would rival the Great Depression of the 1930's. The market, on its own, has appeared to be a dismal failure in halting decline. This has strengthened the case for once taboo massive governmental fiscal intervention. Should governments spend the

I'm on my school's debate team and, this being one of our topics, decided to get some help by creating a new debate here. Things like statistics, real life stories (with sources!), or any point really, help out tremendously. Thank you!

China is the second largest exporter in the world. Chinese goods are cheap, so cheap they are causing a massive trade deficit for the USA with China. Various scandals have shown that products from China are not always safe as the manufacturers try to cut corners, should we really be importing them?

As the dispute between the Communication Workers' Union and Royal Mail continues, the future of the Post Office has never looked so bleak.

The government is committed to opening up Royal Mail to open competition in line with EU law and the Conservatives have announced that they will p

Babies who are born to drug using parents are much more likely to develop learning difficulties and have other problems. Beyond the simple health issues there are questions about the treatment such children receive growing up when their parents are drug addicts. Such children are therefore likely to

This debate is raised to review the study culture followed amongst the school students generally the senior ones of class 12 th . Choice of studying by understanding has certain benefits whereas cram study also has certain benefits..But actually which one is the best suited and most effective for s