One of the greatest sporting shows on earth is underway in South Africa. The football has so far not been as good as might have been expected but what are the benefits to the hosts? The Olympics in particular used to be known as an event that often leaves a city that hosts the event in significant d

It's been estimated Britain had to invest around £15m for each gold medal won. With similar figures coming from Australia – and presumably other countries too – the question is, is this money well spent? Are we getting a good return on investment or should we put our limited resources elsewhe

The more money a sport gains the more it seems to move away from its core values and it seems the more likely there is to be cheats. Of course the more money there is as a reward the greater the incentive is to cheat to get that money. This year there have been numerous cases of cheating being caugh

Running shoes get increasingly high tech, adding in microchips so that they can calculate how much to cushion the impact when the foot touches the ground. For half a century the latest shoes have been heralded as the way to avoid injuries. But could the opposite be the case and it be the shoes that

Although there are very few successful English managers currently plying their trade in the game, there have been some excellent managers in the past, this debate is designed to argue the pros and cons of the English managerial elite. If one of your favourite managers has not been included, feel fre