As soon as Roger Federer did his trademark drop to his knees in tears after victory over Robin Soderling at the 2009 French Open, the tennis fraternity were already proclaiming him to be the greatest tennis player ever. Is this justified, or is it in fact a typical media attempt to make everything s

Islam, 'like' many other Religions, promotes active discrimination between Believers & Non-Believers as a part of its core doctrine.

Unlike the Bible it has never been Reformed.

Quranic Quote Surah 3:28 States "Do not take un-believers as friends...".


‘Olympism’ is the embodiment of a Eurocentric, racist ideology upon which various Olympic hosts draw to produce a public image addressed to the rest of the world. This has been true from the first modern Olympics to the current day. Should we let this continue?

Essentially swimming outdoors, 'wild swimming' normally takes place in rivers or lakes but can also include beaches, caves, and waterfalls rather than in indoor pools. Former politician Matthew Parris has recently courted controversy after swimming across London's River Thames, but is wild swimming,

Bowl Championship Series vs FCS Playoffs. Most college football(American) Players prefer BCS playoffs because it's much more fun, players bond over gifts, football bowls and bowl trips. Government officials and certain college people(fans not presidents/players) prefer FCS because they feel, there i

15th April 1989, it is a day that haunts all football fans, this was the day when 96 innocent people tragically died in the Leppings Lane end in Hillsborough during the FA cup semi final between Liverpool & Nottingham Forest. As a result of the Taylor Report, all seating stadia was declared to b

On the final day of the Oval Test between England and Pakistan, the News of the World published the details of a major sting operation which appears to reveal serious corruption in the world of cricket. The newspaper has named bowlers Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir and captain Salman Butt as being at

The debate over video technology within football has raged for years, with FIFA still obstinately refusing to even trial it even though many other sports having welcomed more advanced systems to make certain that big decisions are called correctly. Surely Sepp Blatter's refusal to modernise detracts

The BBC recently ran a story regarding University sports clubs initiation ceremonies. These initiations involved behaviour perceived to be unacceptable in our current society, that included drinking alcohol to excess, vomiting, humiliating acts and bullying.

Are sports initiations neces

A US doctor caused outrage last week after claiming that obese children should be taken from their parents. If advice, cajoling, warnings and social ridicule aren't working, how else can we stop the plague of childhood obesity, he argued. Carol Sarler of the Daily Mail agreed, arguing the rise in ch

Rugby is a real sport filled with suspense, skill and entertainment. The football league is in fact the ‘Andrex’ league as players can not sustain any injury without becoming a complete baby and being stretchered off. Rugby players get bloody injuries, break bones andstill continue to play: some