Citizens must become the masters of corporations or they will become slaves to corporate power. Corporations' aggregation of wealth, political influence and legal protections has far surpassed those available to citizens. Corporations have usurped citizens' contract with their elected representative

Taxes are the basis of a basic give and take between the state and its people. The people provide the state with money and the state in return gives them security. Originally this only meant security against enemies but since from the 19th century security has also meant security against disease, po

Should we be governed by a 'world government', with the United Nations Assembly becoming a directly elected parliament? Should nation-states give up more of their sovereignty to supranational institutions?

The British public are constantly bombarded with horror stories about innocent individuals being attacked by young people on our streets. Is the fear that has developed from this actually damaging us? This debate seeks to answer this question, additionally addressing which groups are damaged, if thi

There is currently no legislation (in the UK) explicitly banning forced marriage. Forced marriage is a problem in a number of minority communities and can involve the forced spouse being sent back home to marry or being forced to marry in the UK.

This is different from arranged marri

A woman in Essex was arrested for 'theft by finding' for taking food from around the back of a local Tesco Express after the food had been thrown out because of a power cut. If you can feed yourself and your family with the food that a supermarket doesn't want when it would otherwise go to waste, wh

Across the world the poorest are facing a new challenge in the form of climate change. In Bolivia the glaciers that are now melting due to climate change have always brought water to communities and this may soon dry up as climate change continues. They are now arguing that those who cause the probl

Government after government has followed the policy of locking more and more criminals up. New sentences are created and the sentencing make tougher in order to prove that government is being tough on crime. We have now reached the limits of that policy and faced with having to cut costs the Justice

Electronic tagging was originally piloted in 1995, but a report by the BBC shows that the policing of electronic tagging has become lax. Is the system a good idea now that it is not allegedly being so strictly policed?

Gordon Brown promised 'British jobs for British people' in September 2007 but the recent protests up and down the country show that this is not to be the case. Are the protestors right or is giving 'British jobs for British people' not the way forward?

As we come up to Christmas, it is almost impossible to avoid the huge plastic illuminated displays, tacky music and Christmas specials on TV. Is Christmas becoming too commercial? Should we return to more traditional celebrations? What is Christmas supposed to 'mean' anyway?

Currently the retirement age is set at 60 for women and 65 for men. However, this is changing as the government are raising the retirement age for women to 65 in line with the current figure for men. With the SPA set at 65 and 60, firms are allowed to force their workers to retire at these ages. It