The accepted dogma of business is that you have your employees come and sit in an office far from their homes and are watched for eight hours a day by a manager. In the modern world, there are many more ways to communicate and get work done collaboratively online and on the phone, so the office is n

The UK Drug Policy Commission is currently investigating the causes and effects of the stigmatisation of drug users, addicts and those in rehabilitation. It has been suggested in this study that referring to drug users as "junkies" and other such terms directly impedes the emotional and psychologica

Should the developed world focus on enabling trade or donating aid as a way to help the developing world?

It is well documented that healthy eating is extremely beneficial in keeping people healthy, preventing diseases like cancer, increasing life expectancy etc. As this is the case should healthy eating be made mandatory? It is much more likely that there would be legislation on school dinners than for

Racism, despite global protest and condemnation, remains crystallized as a real & abominable issue even today.Racial stereotypes plague the media. Racism has now, been proselytized from people of OTHER races to people of the same race: We are taught to be racist against our own kind and are push

Britain is overturning a ban on prisoners voting that has lasted more than a century,in response to a 2004 European Court of Human Rights ruling and advice from government lawyers that it would be costly not to comply. The coalition is to change the law to remove the voting ban on Britain's more tha

We've heard of cyber-stalking crimes. The stories are most commonly of young underage women taking naked pictures of themselves and adult men flashing them all over the internet, a middle-aged woman/man pretending to be child coerced a child to commit suicide via a chat-room, young adolescents duped

In a democratic society, law is used to ensure the efficient social progress and to protect citizens. The focus on an efficient society sometimes is prioritised over protecting and serving citizens. Citizens who live in countries under dictatorship are even more likely to be exposed to unjust laws.

The age old argument that health trumps wealth or is wealth is given new life with this debate motion. Healthy,happy and beautifully fit people have a higher emotional quotient than irritable sick people, who may work doubly hard and produce superior work but lose out on points because of their/our

Appreciating what you have and being grateful that it isn't even worse is becoming an obsession following the recession. Young people are criticized for expecting more than they have and because 'this generation is too soft', to fail to think about people worse off than you is 'selfish'. Is gratitud

In any large city people are concerned about beggars. They certainly look disadvantaged and on cold nights our hearts go out to anyone sleeping rough. But are they really so hard up? Are they playing on our sympathy? Does all the money we give them go on drugs? Should we be giving our change to

The shadow cabinet will give up their second jobs by the end of the year to focus 100% on the upcoming election. While second jobs use up MPs time they do give another perspective on politics and allows MPs to keep in touch, so are they a good thing?

Having offenders engage in work that is useful, helpful to communities and undoes some of the damage they may have cause seems obvious however there has been an increasing number of threats to supervisors and even violence against those doing the work there may be an unexpected downside to such work