Can an ever increasing human population support the agricultural status quo and continue to dedicate massive resources toward the support of farm animals without significantly destroying what is left of the world’s wildlands? Also are the ethical arguments concerning global food distribution and a

Most of the developed world is in the middle of a deep recession and so getting a job is tough for everyone, particularly graduates just joining the jobs market. They often have sky high ideas of how much they want to earn or with to do something they want to do or will enjoy rather than just taking

Much emphasis is attributed to privacy in one way or another; it is often cited as an inherent part of the European Convention on Human Rights despite not appearing as an article itself, it is preserved by the Data Protection Act and confidentiality rights in aspect of daily life. Privacy has much s

The post office is increasingly diversifying in order to be able to keep its loss making branches open. It is now beginning to offer more banking style services such as mortgages for first time buyers, cheap loans and savings accounts. Should the post office be moving away from just shifting our mai

The Monarchy is a waste of money, gobbling up public subsidy while doing very little. We don’t elect the monarch. Neither the people nor parliament has had much say in who is the king or queen in three hundred years. In a modern democratic society we should have the right to chose who our Head of

Currently a police officer cannot stop and search based on generalisations or stereotypes. They need to have objective grounds to stop someone and search for certain items. Even then, they must restrict their search to the specific items for which they have an objective basis to suspect the person h

Many have become disillusioned with Oxfam as a charity. Their chain of book stores is said to have become the 'Tesco of the second hand books industry', as it is bigger and more recognisable than individual second hand bookshops. Moreover, it has the advantage of being a charity. Is it killing the s

The Government have released a White Paper stating that by 2014 the police force should make annual savings of £500 million. There are numerous ways the Government have put forward to achieve this, but are the savings too ambitious without compromising on the quality and safety of our society?

Flu pandemics occur once every 10-40 years so are fairly regular. Swine flu broke out in Mexico in early April and due to the interconnectedness of the world is now going global with confirmed cases (april 30th) in Mexico, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Isra

Upon hearing a criminal case, judges and magistrates decide the sentence. They have upper and lower brackets within which they can use their discretion. Lord Justice Leveson has stated that he would like to see more discounts given to criminals who admit to their crime before the first court hearing

We have all been captivated by documentaries about various types of animals,
be they cute and furry or extraordinarily alien. Wildlife documentaries are
a large part of the landscape of documentary TV. The filming of the wildlife
is just seen as a challenge and is never questioned

Paper money revolutionised the economy when it was introduced (In Europe during the 17th century, though it was around from the end of the first millennium in China) however now it is getting old. We are increasingly moving towards a cashless society. Money will change hands using cards, the interne

The overblown benefits of reading have long gone unchallenged as have the perils of TV viewing. The educational value of TV has been known even before the first lunar landing. TV has brought us up close to distant lands and cultures as well as important issues. We have listened to and watched politi

Just as someone said "The life is more simple when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits", is it true that the modern technology has lot of good with a shadow of bad.Does the fast evalution of today technology making life lot eas to be comlicated....! For the motion is good, against the motion

After an Italian murderer had his sentence reduced due to having a "violent gene", could DNA profiles be used as a defence in criminal courts?

Walter Perez was murdered for taunting a Muslim man, Abdelmalek Bayout, about wearing eye makeup. The Murderer was sentenced to nine years. This