There have been some suggestions that humans will stop evolving now that we have much more control over our own environment. Natural selection, the driving force of evolution, is also being affected as the weak now survive due to advances in medicine and other technologies. Indeed many of the change

This is the view of a monist in the philosophy of mind, a monist believes that the mind is the same as the brain. A dualist believes that the brain and mind are two seperate things.

The main issues are : What are the attributes of the mind, and can the brain have them too? e.g. co

Since the climategate scandal that started at the beginning of December 2009 there has been a continuous stream of reports that climate scientists may have been exaggerating their findings or else the evidence those findings are based on may not be rock solid. This has not surprisingly damaged publi

It has been the stuff of many science fiction novels and
films, cars that successfully drive themselves. Now we seem to be nearly there
and such cars could become a reality. Google has successfully test driven such
a car for 140,000 miles. But would anyone want to actually drive on

Genetic engineering in humans may be able to save millions of lives by finally treating hereditary diseases such as cancer and cystic fibrosis. However genetic engineering will be abused by many perfectionists who want to design their babies right down to the colour of their eyes. I personally think

At the moment Britain goes by Greenwich Mean Time(G.M.T), but in the summer the clocks move forward an hour to give brighter evenings and one hour for people to work in. Moving to British summer time all year would however simplify things and have a multitude of other benefits to the economy.

Sentient AI are not a reality yet, but technology is expected to reach that point in the foreseeable future. A moralistic question that has been floated many times among various groups I associate with is whether it would be wise to give SAI rights comparable to humans. Another point to consider is