The science budget is one of the area’s most likely to be cut or at least frozen when the cuts in government spending begin to bite. However many scientists criticise this as undermining our economy in the longer term. The Obama administration in the USA is increasing its science budget and the r

Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have isolated the genetic component responsible for a longer lifespan and hope to be able to isolate it and produce a drug mimicking it. If this process can improve your lifespan by 30 years, is it worth dedicating your life to a healthier lifest

American scientists are warning that obesity has overtaken smoking as the biggest threat to people’s health. This is not a particularly new issue. While we are slowly reducing the numbers of people who are smoking the obesity ‘epidemic’ continues. To make matters worse give up smoking and you

The qualities of humans have empowered the species to a degree that no other species has achieved during the history of life on Earth, through the development of social systems and technologies that make possible an intense exploitation and management of the environment. This power has allowed human

Biofuels are often seen as a possible short term miracle cure for all sorts of ills, most obvious is climate change, they are zero carbon as burning them is simply putting the CO2 that has already been taken out of the atmosphere by the plants in order to grow. But biofuels also have other uses, fro

Space is the obvious next step for militaries all over the world. Many of the ‘civilian’ rocket launches into space have really been part of military programs for creating ICBMs or anti satellite weapons. Many satellites in space are used by the military. However with the exception of Reagan’s

A chimp called Santino in Furuvik Zoo in Sweden has rekindled interest in the similarities between chimpanzees and human beings by being observed to be capable of forward planning. Santino was observed stockpiling stones before the zoo opens so that he can throw them at visitors once they arrive. Th

Intelligent design, creationism, denial of evolution and the Big bang theory; Religion requires faith, which necessitates the abandonment of questions. Does religion really advocate unquestioning belief in the "holy scriptures" rather than encouraging people to think for themselves? Is religion an o

Metaphysics has been around for centuries, but now with recent advances in science we are beginning to discover that which we see may only be a hologram, which means the things we see may not really be there and only constructs of our imagination, tho be it our combined imagination, this is connecte

PSYCHOLOGY - The medical condition Schizophrenia (not to be confused with multiple personality disorder) is a debilitating psychological condition, and although there are treatments available it is unclear as to what causes schizophrenia in the first place. Some theories suggest the condition may or

Much has been said about the use of technology in our era. People who were born before the age of technology try to avoid it, they are distrustful of such appliances. However, the generations who have been brought up with technology are using it to an ever increasing level. Cell phones is one major

According to the Green commons web-site America is facing many significant problems that may lead to an energy crisis. These problems include:
• The Energy Information Administration admitting that its Annual Energy Outlook projections have overestimated energy production, and underestimat

There have been some suggestions that humans will stop evolving now that we have much more control over our own environment. Natural selection, the driving force of evolution, is also being affected as the weak now survive due to advances in medicine and other technologies. Indeed many of the change

On Tuesday 7th July, scientists at the University of Newcastle claimed to have artificially created human sperm for the first time. This therefore begs the question, are men needed anymore?

An ongoing debate in the field of linguistics is whether language is controlled by thought, or thought by language. Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf proposed a hypothesis claiming that a person's native language will control their thoughts and that if a concept is not expressed in one's native langua