This is the view of a monist in the philosophy of mind, a monist believes that the mind is the same as the brain. A dualist believes that the brain and mind are two seperate things.

The main issues are : What are the attributes of the mind, and can the brain have them too? e.g. co

Plenty of kids these days are dating when they are in elementary school. Some call that young love and argue that the person they are with are right for them but some say that they are too young to be dating and they aren't physically or emotionally ready. Some families don't allow dating at all bec

At the moment Britain goes by Greenwich Mean Time(G.M.T), but in the summer the clocks move forward an hour to give brighter evenings and one hour for people to work in. Moving to British summer time all year would however simplify things and have a multitude of other benefits to the economy.

According to this link :
procrastination is good for you assuming it is structured organised and balled into a limited and set time-period.