PSYCHOLOGY - The medical condition Schizophrenia (not to be confused with multiple personality disorder) is a debilitating psychological condition, and although there are treatments available it is unclear as to what causes schizophrenia in the first place. Some theories suggest the condition may or

It seems everywhere you look there are people in therapy. But is it a good thing, or does talking about your problems only make them last longer?

The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) has seen more classifications of mental illness than any previous edition. Does this mean that we are developing more mental illnesses, or are we simply finding new labels for types that have already been around

A recent study at the University of Michigan has shown that arguing is good for your health. Essentially having the argument is better than avoiding the confrontation. Avoiding the conflict more often lead to abnormal rates of Cortisol generation, causing more physical stress symptoms the next day.

PSYCHOLOGY - SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY - ATTRIBUTION THEORY Attribution theory explains how the individual social perciever uses information to make causal explanations for events. That is to say, attribution theory is how we explain what happens around us. There is no grand unifying theory of attribution a

This is the view of a monist in the philosophy of mind, a monist believes that the mind is the same as the brain. A dualist believes that the brain and mind are two seperate things.

The main issues are : What are the attributes of the mind, and can the brain have them too? e.g. co

Plenty of kids these days are dating when they are in elementary school. Some call that young love and argue that the person they are with are right for them but some say that they are too young to be dating and they aren't physically or emotionally ready. Some families don't allow dating at all bec

According to this link :
procrastination is good for you assuming it is structured organised and balled into a limited and set time-period.