French women should be free to wear the 'Burka'. In a major policy speech President Sarkozy has declared that the 'Burka' is not welcome in France as it is a sign of subservience so is ‘not in line with the idea that the French republic has of women’s dignity’.

As a result of the revealed budget cuts to policing, David Cameron’s ‘big society’ proposal calls for greater public involvement in the safeguarding of communities. Much of this involves more volunteers acting as police officers and helping out on the beat. But will the volunteers actually be

Should the prerogative power to commit British armed forces to armed conflict abroad be removed from the UK Prime Minister and placed instead in parliament?

Living in a democratic society where many actively uphold their rights and seek extended freedom, we like to be kept informed of the monstrous wrongs that go on in our country. When confronted with the gruesome facts of child abuse or rape cases, we respond with a public outcry and point the finger

War is always evil, but some thinkers have maintained that under limited circumstances it may be the lesser evil. From Cicero to St Augustine, Thomas Aquinas to Hugo Grotius, philosophers and theologians have proposed numerous criteria for determining if a war is just. According to contemporary Just

Britain is currently facing the option of renewing Trident. Because of the long planning time and the length of time it takes for a new generation of nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles to be designed, tested and constructed as well as the immense amount of money it will cost we need to get

The Scottish government's release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the only person to have been convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, has prompted accusations that Britain ordered the release as part of an agreement on oil and gas.

The West has long been willing to entertain dictatorial a

An estimated 6 million people in the UK act as carers for a friend or relative, saving the taxpayer a staggering £87bn a year. Yet their weekly allowance is a mere £50-55 of income replacement. With the numbers of elderly people rising, the role of the carer is becoming increasingly important; a 2

It is difficult to argue whether the war in Afghanistan has lost all purpose because the purpose is impossible to define. Quite frankly, how much can we ever really know? Originally, Mr Bush considered it as a means of reaching Osama Bin Laden. Originally, it aimed at unravelling the network across

Most western democracies disagree with China when it comes to areas like human rights. Their inclination would be to speak out when prominent artists like Ai Weiwei are arrested. However getting into disputes over others human rights does not help the country making speaking out’s own citizens. Un

The Tories are doing just as would be expected, targeting benefits as a big area for cuts. The cuts are probably needed but are incapacity benefits the way to do it? Osborne has stated he wants to protect those in genuine need, but every government has a go at cutting out those who don’t need it s