The Church of England has announced that it will no longer offer the traditional service of reading the banns, for weddings involving foreign nationals, in an attempt to crack down on sham marriages. Indeed, those couples that request the banns will automatically be reported to diocesan authorities

Many countries in the present day are considered as democracies or are fighting for democracy, thus do you not believe that being able to wear something so simple as a religious symbol or to speak freely about something you truly believe in (sort of what were doing now) is what could be deemed as a

Should we intervene in the genetic makeup of our children? Should genetic screening be used to produce genetically healthy or even 'designer' babies?

Should acts of hate be criminalized? What acts should be considered hate crimes?

Dubai is considered in a lot of countries in the world a place of pure paradise, where everyone is free and you can achieve anything you want. Recently journalists have started to challenge this view with a recent panorama programme and opinion article in the independent highlighting 'The dark side

People today are consumed with the need to buy the latest exotic foreign holiday, hi-tech gadget or designer clothing. We have replaced religion and spirituality with the gods of Gucci, Nike and Sony.