As we come up to Christmas, it is almost impossible to avoid the huge plastic illuminated displays, tacky music and Christmas specials on TV. Is Christmas becoming too commercial? Should we return to more traditional celebrations? What is Christmas supposed to 'mean' anyway?

Islam is often portrayed in the media as being the main motivation behind a lot of atrocities being committed in the world today, such as terrorism, suppression of women and non-muslims, dismemberment of criminals, etc..
On the other hand many muslim immigrants seem to live peacefully together

Is it ever acceptable to pay a bribe? Should companies who pay bribes abroad be prosecuted for it in their own countries? Should the ones who give bribes be treated equally to those who take bribes?

Should the Christian religious festival of Christmas be celebrated in public? Or should we be careful to avoid giving offence to those of other faiths, or of no faith, at this time of year?