In almost all of the great and well-established religious traditions of the world today (whether it is in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam etc.), there is a common idea of a saviour, deliverer or a king appointed by God himself to establish order and peace in the world. In the Mother of the three Abrahami

A lot of people these days are chary of giving. They question the character of different religious organizations. One of the prominent issues remains. Should religions qualify as charities? This is relevant for tax purposes. It could also determine the fate of millions of clergy salaries. This artic

The expensive Saville inquiry that has taken twelve years is finally drawing to a close but should that be the end of it. The inquiry is likely to say the killings were unjustifiable and unlawful. So this could potentially lead to prosecutions of those involved so dragging out the process for even l

We've heard of cyber-stalking crimes. The stories are most commonly of young underage women taking naked pictures of themselves and adult men flashing them all over the internet, a middle-aged woman/man pretending to be child coerced a child to commit suicide via a chat-room, young adolescents duped

In a democratic society, law is used to ensure the efficient social progress and to protect citizens. The focus on an efficient society sometimes is prioritised over protecting and serving citizens. Citizens who live in countries under dictatorship are even more likely to be exposed to unjust laws.

And is it a good thing if it is?
Should British children all be atheists until they can 'choose' what to believe? Should children be forced to believe in atheism? should children choose what to believe at all?

Should covenant marriages be supported in preference to traditional marriages? Should the state promote covenant marriage?

We all like to win; so a cooperative game where everybody gets something 'should' be desirable for everyone who is risk-averse and diplomatic. However, risk takers prefer zero-sum games; in which there is a clear winner and loser/losers.

The Nash equilibrium is an example of a cooperat

As history tells us the most gory and bloody and longest wars are those of religion, If there wasn't religion would there be terrorists ("kill all the infidels"-Holy Koran/Quran "Oye/oi,weirdo headphone guy stop dissing the Koran; and I didn't know members of the KKK, Tamil tigers and IRA were Musli

There is currently no legislation (in the UK) explicitly banning forced marriage. Forced marriage is a problem in a number of minority communities and can involve the forced spouse being sent back home to marry or being forced to marry in the UK.

This is different from arranged marriag