Some people argue that science can answer any question we have about the universe. Others argue that science is unable to settle questions such as whether god exists and what consciousness is. Science my not yet have answered these questions but that does not mean it never will.

Holy books are the key symbols of many faiths. Christianity has the Bible, Islam the Qur’an, Judaism the Torah, Hinduism the Veda and so on. Some religions go further regarding their holy book as either being the word or God or directly inspired by God. Burning such books is highly offensive and t

This year the NHS launches its vaccination programme against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The vaccine will be given to girls aged 12 and 13, and then to all girls between 12 and 18 as part of an initial catch-up programme. Certain strains of HPV are responsible for 99% of cervical cancer cases a

Everyone is selfish no matter what. This is because selflessness isn’t even possible. The choice to ever be “selfless” will always be driven by a form of serving one’s self? No person chooses to be selfless because THEY absolutely hate it or are against doing it. People choose to be selfless

War is always evil, but some thinkers have maintained that under limited circumstances it may be the lesser evil. From Cicero to St Augustine, Thomas Aquinas to Hugo Grotius, philosophers and theologians have proposed numerous criteria for determining if a war is just. According to contemporary Just

Sir Mota Singh, Britain’s first Asian judge has defended the right for Sikhs to wear the Kirpan to school and in other public places. The Kirpan is an article of faith that Sikhs must have with them at all times. While the daggers are exempt from laws banning the carrying of knives in public place

It is difficult to argue whether the war in Afghanistan has lost all purpose because the purpose is impossible to define. Quite frankly, how much can we ever really know? Originally, Mr Bush considered it as a means of reaching Osama Bin Laden. Originally, it aimed at unravelling the network across

Until the twentieth century Art was mostly about beauty or perfection. Art had to stand apart from everyday life and give someone pause. Art has however morphed into including ugly things, or everyday items that are simply classed as 'art' because someone says it is. How are the critics taken in by

Pope Benedict clearly stated that states need religion and religious values and that he is worried that Britain is falling into the same style of aggressive atheism that created the Nazis. However today might it not be argued that it is the secular societies that are the most benevolent? They are al