It is traditional to make resolutions for the new year on or around the 1st of January. A new year is the obvious time to make a new beginning for ourselves. But if the resolution is something worthwhile that you wish to change then why wait until the start of January to make the resolution? In many

Global population is still rising fast, and a rising global population means more mouths to feed. Unfortunately almost all of this increase will occur in developing countries, particularly Africa. These are the areas who not only can’t feed all the people they have at the moment but are also most

It seems everywhere you look there are people in therapy. But is it a good thing, or does talking about your problems only make them last longer?

"A perfect hybrid of blonde and brown, bronde is the newest -- and most natural -- look for dark-haired beauties who want to share in the sun-kissed summer fun, and look a few years younger while they're at it." "For Wood, the key to the whole premium blonde concept is that blonde is not just one co

As the new free music on demand program, Spotify, gains momentum amongst music lovers everywhere including the support of U2 whom released their new album with spotify free to all, a week before general release, can Spotify capitalise on the slow demise of Pirate bay and help stop illegal music down

Saying 'he' or 'she' when talking generally about an unspecified person can be misinterpreted as meaning it only applies to one gender. 'It' is an insult when applied to a human being. 'They' is too confusing as it is also used for the plural. 'One' is slightly archaic, too formal to use in general

The 14th of February is a date which annually brings around equal measure of love and cynicism, with some couples seeing it as a welcome time to joyfully celebrate their union, and others as a coercive social convention which could be done without. Is St.Valentines Day a cunning capitalist scheme or

The 25 April is enshrined in the Australian national character as a day not only for remembering Australia's war dead, but also for celebrating all that is uniquely and proudly Australian. It provides a cultural and sentimental national rallying point where other commemorations such as Australia Day

This debate is raised to review the study culture followed amongst the school students generally the senior ones of class 12 th . Choice of studying by understanding has certain benefits whereas cram study also has certain benefits..But actually which one is the best suited and most effective for s

With Christmas adverts, decorations and songs creeping into the early stages of winter it seems that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. Should there be a point where we say enough is enough? 1st of December is a reasonable time to engage with the Christmas spirit rather than 3 months be

Smokers use a disproportionate amount of healthcare resources, second-hand smoke causes illnesses in others and the disgusting smell gets into hair, clothes and furniture. It is a selfish habit which should not be indulged but actively punished.

Being a journalism student, I am all for individual freedoms. But there's a line to be drawn when it comes to violence and music. With growing crime rates, why do we need screaming ("singing") bands encouraging youth that killing is okay? If we want crime and killing to go down, why should we keep a

A recent study at the University of Michigan has shown that arguing is good for your health. Essentially having the argument is better than avoiding the confrontation. Avoiding the conflict more often lead to abnormal rates of Cortisol generation, causing more physical stress symptoms the next day.

Plagiarism is becoming an escalating problem in publishing in general and for student use in particular. The question thus arises as to whether the use of the internet is worth a bean ? I should like to see the notion of a total ban of the use of the internet by students.