Normally, you have to be 18 years old to be 'legal.' I think many 16 year olds are mature enough and smart enough to handle important life decisions. Many of us out there are just pushed around because we are 'too young.' We shouldn't be 'too young' to be legal. We have choices, freedoms, and rights

The national flag is the symbol of the nation. We all wave the national flag around at sporting events to support our national team or players. Burning flags is often done when people are expressing displeasure at that country’s policies or acts. In some countries such as the USA they pledge alleg

The financial markets have responded well to the creation of a coalition government. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives are both committed to sorting out the deficit. There have not been huge falls in the stock market(specifically the London Stock Exchange); contradicting expectations. This

From China in Asia to Nigeria, Africa, mobile innovation has taken a rapid penetration. However, this is possible as young people fully embrace new technologies and become active users. But then, questions arises that these innovations on the other hand become time waster/stealer from young people f

We say that we have universal suffrage, and barriers based on wealth, colour and gender have all been torn down. Yet children, who are affected by the decisions of governments, have no voice in deciding who should govern the country. Are they too ignorant, too lacking in intelligence? If so, why don

Commander Ali Dizaei was promoted to the rank of commander only six months before he was suspended and charged with corruption. The Commissioner of the
Metropolitan Police Sir Paul Stephenson is using it to argue that the power to promote top officers rather than the political body where this

To many people the idea of a black American president was little more than a dream. Even earlier this year there were grave doubts as to whether Obama could win the white votes needed to take the White House. Those doubts have now been answered, but does Obama’s win herald a new era of racial eq

American scientists are warning that obesity has overtaken smoking as the biggest threat to people’s health. This is not a particularly new issue. While we are slowly reducing the numbers of people who are smoking the obesity ‘epidemic’ continues. To make matters worse give up smoking and you

The qualities of humans have empowered the species to a degree that no other species has achieved during the history of life on Earth, through the development of social systems and technologies that make possible an intense exploitation and management of the environment. This power has allowed huma

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Peoples Republic China has produced a propaganda blockbuster. Most people will avoid a propaganda film however most films made have a point be it promoting Christianity, fighting the trade in blood diamonds, highlighting poverty or interpretin

The more money a sport gains the more it seems to move away from its core values and it seems the more likely there is to be cheats. Of course the more money there is as a reward the greater the incentive is to cheat to get that money. This year there have been numerous cases of cheating being caugh

Everyone has heard of the christmas spirit. At this time ofyear, everyone is maddly rushing to buy gifts for family. But can all of this frantic present purchasing all just a scam?

Intelligent design, creationism, denial of evolution and the Big bang theory; Religion requires faith, which necessitates the abandonment of questions. Does religion really advocate unquestioning belief in the "holy scriptures" rather than encouraging people to think for themselves? Is religion an o

Research indicates that self service checkouts do not reduce queue sizes or waiting time. Self service checkouts also have annoying voices, they break down all the time, they can't scan loose fruit and the shopworker's trade union is concerned that they cause customers to take out frustration on sta

According to the Center for Disease Control, diet as a factor “contributes substantially to the burden of preventable illness and premature death in the U.S. Because of this, it is important that the national health promotion and disease prevention objectives that encourage schools to provide nutr

I'm on my school's debate team and, this being one of our topics, decided to get some help by creating a new debate here. Things like statistics, real life stories (with sources!), or any point really, help out tremendously. Thank you!