And is it a good thing if it is?
Should British children all be atheists until they can 'choose' what to believe? Should children be forced to believe in atheism? should children choose what to believe at all?

7% of the population frequently use sunbeds to top up their tans. This is hardly surprising, as the British sun cannot be relied on, fewer people are taking holidays abroad and celebrities continue to sport an envious sunkissed look. Yet, new research tells us that sunbeds do increase the risk of sk

Women(and modern men) all over the world doll up;From waxing,tattooing,laser treatments(leads to alopecia,causes stress),pretty clothes to the necessary lipstick/lip-gloss, sunblock/foundation. Some cosmetics are temporary; others are not.Removal can have worse consequences than the application and

As history tells us the most gory and bloody and longest wars are those of religion, If there wasn't religion would there be terrorists ("kill all the infidels"-Holy Koran/Quran "Oye/oi,weirdo headphone guy stop dissing the Koran; and I didn't know members of the KKK, Tamil tigers and IRA were Musli

There is currently no legislation (in the UK) explicitly banning forced marriage. Forced marriage is a problem in a number of minority communities and can involve the forced spouse being sent back home to marry or being forced to marry in the UK.

This is different from arranged marriag

As politics becomes more about personality so it also seems that politicians wives need to be ever more involved. Samantha Cameron is pregnant and this is unlikely to hurt the conservatives at all. It also seems that all the leaders wives are to be much more involved during the general election. Do

Video games are both becoming increasingly expensive and getting increasingly large returns on their investment. They are beginning to outperform blockbuster movies in takings. They give many more hours of entertainment and they are engaging rather than being a passive entertainment, so better all

For example tattoos, self-harm or taking drugs that are harmful to health. The question ignores the question of external effects, so for example we should not debate here for or against a smoking ban due to second-hand smoke deaths. That is another question. The question is, should people be allowed

The cost of DNA testing has fallen dramatically. Now that it’s available to many more people should we be testing ourselves and our children? Or is the process still in its infancy and too prone to error?

The Guardian newspaper (UK) has announced that the grey squirrel is gaining popularity - as a meal. Costing approximately £3.50 per squirrel, the meat is said to be sweet, "like a cross between lamb and duck". One animal is said to feed one and a half adults.

Dogs can be savage and vicious, some breeds more so than others. However dogs are trained by their owners, a dog that attacks someone can be put down as a danger to the public but it is really the people who keep and fail to train it properly, or train dogs for combat, that produce such dangerous do

It certainly seems like it matters where you go to university. There is great competition for top universities around the world. Many even pay a lot more to get into one of the best universities; presumably there is some reward for the cost at the end. Is a first or 2/1 from Oxford really better tha

D’oh! Homer Simpson has been voted the greatest TV character of the last 20 years(from 1990 not all-time). He would seem to be lacking in most of the qualities of greatness except for in comedy which is perhaps what makes him so endearing to us.

But could he be the greatest TV or fil

In a new proposition by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 'two for the price of one' deals on perishable goods will be banned. This campaign is designed to reduce waste, as recent studies have found that shoppers are buying too much food under 2-for-1 deals because it appears c