This year the NHS launches its vaccination programme against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The vaccine will be given to girls aged 12 and 13, and then to all girls between 12 and 18 as part of an initial catch-up programme. Certain strains of HPV are responsible for 99% of cervical cancer cases a

Everyone is selfish no matter what. This is because selflessness isn’t even possible. The choice to ever be “selfless” will always be driven by a form of serving one’s self? No person chooses to be selfless because THEY absolutely hate it or are against doing it. People choose to be selfless

For years women have fought for their rights. Once women gained rights in society, including the right to vote in 1928 via the representation of the People Act 1928, they were no longer willing to be treated as second class citizens in the home or in the work place. In the 1960’s it was public opi

English has in the 20th century become the global language. It is the language of trade, diplomacy and the internet. However the increase in international languages, in particular English but also Spanish and Mandarin marginalise smaller languages even within their own homelands. In Indonesia Bahasa

Until the twentieth century Art was mostly about beauty or perfection. Art had to stand apart from everyday life and give someone pause. Art has however morphed into including ugly things, or everyday items that are simply classed as 'art' because someone says it is. How are the critics taken in by

If a child is malnourished it is classed as child abuse but if I child is obese the parents are rarely blamed. This discrepancy makes little sense when the health risks faced by obesity are indisputable. Researchers claim that being over weight greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke,

Most estimates assume that around 10% of the population is exclusively homosexual. Doesn't this logically mean that 10% of the population would be exclusively heterosexual and that everyone in the middle is a bit of both?

There are a lot of breeders in the reptile hobby that believe Wild Caught reptiles are a must for certain breeding projects. Captive bred snakes are often so mixed up with being bred with other similar species that you often do not know what you are getting. Is catching snakes in the wild for breedi

Many reasonably wealthy parents send their children to state schools on principle. Maybe this is admirable, but it means that families who would be prepared to pay more for their child's education end up paying little. If they sent their children to private school, on the other hand, they would be s

We've heard of cyber-stalking crimes. The stories are most commonly of young underage women taking naked pictures of themselves and adult men flashing them all over the internet, a middle-aged woman/man pretending to be child coerced a child to commit suicide via a chat-room, young adolescents duped

In a democratic society, law is used to ensure the efficient social progress and to protect citizens. The focus on an efficient society sometimes is prioritised over protecting and serving citizens. Citizens who live in countries under dictatorship are even more likely to be exposed to unjust laws.