This debate is raised to review the study culture followed amongst the school students generally the senior ones of class 12 th . Choice of studying by understanding has certain benefits whereas cram study also has certain benefits..But actually which one is the best suited and most effective for s

The 14th of February is a date which annually brings around equal measure of love and cynicism, with some couples seeing it as a welcome time to joyfully celebrate their union, and others as a coercive social convention which could be done without. Is St.Valentines Day a cunning capitalist scheme or

With Christmas adverts, decorations and songs creeping into the early stages of winter it seems that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. Should there be a point where we say enough is enough? 1st of December is a reasonable time to engage with the Christmas spirit rather than 3 months be

A recent study at the University of Michigan has shown that arguing is good for your health. Essentially having the argument is better than avoiding the confrontation. Avoiding the conflict more often lead to abnormal rates of Cortisol generation, causing more physical stress symptoms the next day.

Kettles use a lot of electricity, particularly as many of us boil more water than we need to make our cup. We also often let our beverage go cold and then make some more, after all no one likes cold tea or coffee. So we waste yet more electricity, instead we should stuff it in the microwave to rehea

For many an artificial Christmas tree is so much simpler than having a real Christmas tree, after all there is no need to go and buy one every year and bring it back home, it can simply be taken out of the loft, shed or wherever else it has been kept for the rest of the year. On the other hand it is

Dubai is considered in a lot of countries in the world a place of pure paradise, where everyone is free and you can achieve anything you want. Recently journalists have started to challenge this view with a recent panorama programme and opinion article in the independent highlighting 'The dark side

‘What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth’ runs a Jewish proverb. Indeed, it would be hard to find an instance where gossip has been celebrated rather than discouraged. Yet, many of us find still find the urge to talk about others irresistible. Perhaps, as an article in S

Prime Minister Mountjoy (Peter Sellers) was talking about an improbable imaginary situation in 'The Mouse That Roared', but the basic message - that the boundaries between a good and a bad outcome can be blurred and that a defeat can have better consequences than a victory - holds. Is this just an

People who love animals all agree that it is a good thing to raise a pet.
But they differ on which animal they want to raise.
If you want a pet, you will normally choose between getting a dog or a cat. (unless you're cool and want a cheetah or a rattle-snake or some other exotic fun t

People today are consumed with the need to buy the latest exotic foreign holiday, hi-tech gadget or designer clothing. We have replaced religion and spirituality with the gods of Gucci, Nike and Sony.

Plenty of kids these days are dating when they are in elementary school. Some call that young love and argue that the person they are with are right for them but some say that they are too young to be dating and they aren't physically or emotionally ready. Some families don't allow dating at all bec

In recent years, the online shopping industry has absolutely exploded, to the point that there are now many people who will only buy new products online. It’s not difficult to understand the potential benefits of online shopping, but at the same time there are also people who are sticking to ordin

At the moment Britain goes by Greenwich Mean Time(G.M.T), but in the summer the clocks move forward an hour to give brighter evenings and one hour for people to work in. Moving to British summer time all year would however simplify things and have a multitude of other benefits to the economy.