A new campaign 10:10 has been launched aiming to sign people up to reducing their carbon footprint by 10% during 2010. While there is a lot of publicity surrounding the need for countries, states and cities to cut their carbon footprint there is less focus where it matters; on individuals. With our

For example tattoos, self-harm or taking drugs that are harmful to health. The question ignores the question of external effects, so for example we should not debate here for or against a smoking ban due to second-hand smoke deaths. That is another question. The question is, should people be allowed

Do-Gooders, philanthropists, humanitarian people, the ones who care; gotta love 'em. But is it always good to care? I'd like to relay a story my principal related to the school long ago: Once upon a time there was a caterpillar stuck in its cocoon and a goodly well-meaning stranger grabbed his sciss

Bristol, reputedly the home of Banksy the famous Graffiti artist, is planning to let the public vote before murals are scrubbed or painted over with photographs being put on the council website and residents able to vote. Is this a way of preserving good art or a waste of time?

To many people the idea of a black American president was little more than a dream. Even earlier this year there were grave doubts as to whether Obama could win the white votes needed to take the White House. Those doubts have now been answered, but does Obama’s win herald a new era of racial eq

As Shakespeare said, all’s fair in love and war, which must include cheating. Humans weren’t intended to stay in monogamous relationships for as long as we do now. Cheating is natural and inevitable and therefore should not be condemned.

Optimism drives success. Believing in a bright future is the first step in its direction.
However the 'pursuit of happiness' rather than just being content is the primary cause of a host of health problems;
ranging from psychological to physical. Believing the everything will always b

Research indicates that self service checkouts do not reduce queue sizes or waiting time. Self service checkouts also have annoying voices, they break down all the time, they can't scan loose fruit and the shopworker's trade union is concerned that they cause customers to take out frustration on sta

It is traditional to make resolutions for the new year on or around the 1st of January. A new year is the obvious time to make a new beginning for ourselves. But if the resolution is something worthwhile that you wish to change then why wait until the start of January to make the resolution? In many

"A perfect hybrid of blonde and brown, bronde is the newest -- and most natural -- look for dark-haired beauties who want to share in the sun-kissed summer fun, and look a few years younger while they're at it." "For Wood, the key to the whole premium blonde concept is that blonde is not just one co