Most estimates assume that around 10% of the population is exclusively homosexual. Doesn't this logically mean that 10% of the population would be exclusively heterosexual and that everyone in the middle is a bit of both?

The age old argument that health trumps wealth or is wealth is given new life with this debate motion. Healthy,happy and beautifully fit people have a higher emotional quotient than irritable sick people, who may work doubly hard and produce superior work but lose out on points because of their/our

7% of the population frequently use sunbeds to top up their tans. This is hardly surprising, as the British sun cannot be relied on, fewer people are taking holidays abroad and celebrities continue to sport an envious sunkissed look. Yet, new research tells us that sunbeds do increase the risk of sk

Women(and modern men) all over the world doll up;From waxing,tattooing,laser treatments(leads to alopecia,causes stress),pretty clothes to the necessary lipstick/lip-gloss, sunblock/foundation. Some cosmetics are temporary; others are not.Removal can have worse consequences than the application and

The ban on flights over European airspace is slowly showing the problems we would have if we could not fly. People being stranded was only the most obvious consequence of ash clouds grounding flights. Many industries have been badly affected due to relying on air travel or air freight. Could we mana

Public support for Camilla is waning. Despite the obvious positive effect she has on Prince Charles the British people still haven’t warmed to her. We live in a constitutional monarchy and should have a say in who rules over us. So should Camilla ever become Queen?

As politics becomes more about personality so it also seems that politicians wives need to be ever more involved. Samantha Cameron is pregnant and this is unlikely to hurt the conservatives at all. It also seems that all the leaders wives are to be much more involved during the general election. Do

General Election Day (and councils in England) so the big question is ‘do I bother to go out and vote?’ There often seems to be no difference between the parties who are likely to win so what is the point in voting just to change the guard. As I am such a small piece in the puzzle my vote does n