In an age where religious difference is magnified by instant global media, a cartoon in a Danish newspaper can cause demonstrations in Indonesia and a speech in Tehran can send shockwaves across America. Tolerance dictates that we have be more sensitive to the effects of our comments and actions on

Should countries prosecute child soldiers for the crimes they committed during wartime? Should there be an international minimum age of criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Our law lords are preparing to move from the House of Lords to a new British Supreme Court. Britain does not have a formal written constitution so this could create a large amount of change, or it might make very little difference. While it represents a separation of the judiciary and the legislatur

Concerns have been raised over plans for armed police officers to patrol certain streets in London.

The pilot scheme will see armed Metropolitan officers carry out daily patrols in different trouble spots across the capital.

However, the prospect of armed police patroll

The government has said that in certain circumstances, phone tapping should be used as evidence in court, especially for fraud or terrorist cases. Is this beneficial? Would it increase our ability to accurately prosecute criminals, or would it undermine our already questionable rights?