Should mercenaries be recognised as a legitimate part of warfare and given the same rights as soldiers?

Should covenant marriages be supported in preference to traditional marriages? Should the state promote covenant marriage?

Is this just about youth culture and the link to crime - or does it have wider issues. Are we looking just at lyrics that incite crime or should we ban Holst's Mars the god of war. How do we go about banning it?

Government after government has followed the policy of locking more and more criminals up. New sentences are created and the sentencing make tougher in order to prove that government is being tough on crime. We have now reached the limits of that policy and faced with having to cut costs the Justice

Electronic tagging was originally piloted in 1995, but a report by the BBC shows that the policing of electronic tagging has become lax. Is the system a good idea now that it is not allegedly being so strictly policed?

The police have created maps of where crime and antisocial behaviour occur and are putting them online. Anyone will be able to access this new resource that allows users to check on how many reported incidents there have been breaking the figures down into different types of crime. The maps are rele