French women should be free to wear the 'Burka'. In a major policy speech President Sarkozy has declared that the 'Burka' is not welcome in France as it is a sign of subservience so is ‘not in line with the idea that the French republic has of women’s dignity’.

Holy books are the key symbols of many faiths. Christianity has the Bible, Islam the Qur’an, Judaism the Torah, Hinduism the Veda and so on. Some religions go further regarding their holy book as either being the word or God or directly inspired by God. Burning such books is highly offensive and t

Should the United States or any other State continue to reject the International Criminal Court (ICC)? Is the ICC both dangerous to democracy and doomed to fail?

If a child is malnourished it is classed as child abuse but if I child is obese the parents are rarely blamed. This discrepancy makes little sense when the health risks faced by obesity are indisputable. Researchers claim that being over weight greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke,

‘Double jeopardy’ means being tried twice for the same offence. The ‘double jeopardy’ rule means that an individual cannot be tried again for the same offence if acquitted. Should the rule be scrapped?

Should governments have the power to intern suspects without trial?

The expensive Saville inquiry that has taken twelve years is finally drawing to a close but should that be the end of it. The inquiry is likely to say the killings were unjustifiable and unlawful. So this could potentially lead to prosecutions of those involved so dragging out the process for even l

Britain is overturning a ban on prisoners voting that has lasted more than a century,in response to a 2004 European Court of Human Rights ruling and advice from government lawyers that it would be costly not to comply. The coalition is to change the law to remove the voting ban on Britain's more tha