The Geneva Conventions of 1949 collectively form international humanitarian law, a series of conventions and protocols that regulate armed conflict. The Geneva Conventions specifically detail a number of protections which states must extend to enemy combatants from the opposing country captured duri

The Human Rights Act 1998 ('HRA') implements the European Convention of Human Rights into domestic UK legislation. As a public body, the courts are required to apply the Human Rights Act. At the same time the courts are to follow the Civil Procedure Rules ('CPR'). Article 6 of the HRA states that ev

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are remotely controlled aircrafts. They are often armed with missiles or bombs to attack the enemy. From the time of the World Trade Center attacks, the United States has used countless numbers of drones to kill suspected terrorists in countries throug

Currently a police officer cannot stop and search based on generalisations or stereotypes. They need to have objective grounds to stop someone and search for certain items. Even then, they must restrict their search to the specific items for which they have an objective basis to suspect the person h

Upon hearing a criminal case, judges and magistrates decide the sentence. They have upper and lower brackets within which they can use their discretion. Lord Justice Leveson has stated that he would like to see more discounts given to criminals who admit to their crime before the first court hearing

Leon Walker from Michigan has been charged with hacking having accessed his wife’s email account. Not surprisingly accessing email, phones with their stored text messages and social networking sites is becoming one of the biggest ways of finding out if a spouse is cheating and the evidence is ofte

Whether or not it can be morally justified to deny ‘extremists’ entry from the UK must initially be addressed by defining such a term. Given the terror attacks of recent years it seems perfectly reasonable for the UK to exclude individuals who condone such acts; yet an animal rights activist cou

After an Italian murderer had his sentence reduced due to having a "violent gene", could DNA profiles be used as a defence in criminal courts?

Walter Perez was murdered for taunting a Muslim man, Abdelmalek Bayout, about wearing eye makeup. The Murderer was sentenced to nine years. Th

The Council of Circuit Judges has come to the 'firm conclusion that there is no compelling case to alter the status quo’ believes that the age limit on jurors should remain in place. However people over 70 vote, have built up experience and wisdom and also have the free time to be able to take par